Singapore photographer mum shows daring pictures of women breastfeeding their babies

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Breastfeeding should not be an activity done in the shadows, hidden from the public eye. The following photos throws breastfeeding and it's magical beauty into the limelight!

Jen Pan Photography takes the beauty of breastfeeding to a new level with their gorgeous snaps, aimed at empowering breastfeeding mums.

The Magical World of Breastfeeding: Into the Woods (Collection 1 of 3) Final images of the woods series. The NEXT series covers a topic very close to my heart as we look into empowering breastfeeding mothers that are facing outright workplace discrimination. Images COMING OUT on Thursday. We're very excited to be able to share this message across. Follow us on FB & IG. #jenpanphotography #jppbreastfeeding #intothewoods #breastisbest #breastfeeding #breastfeedingart #breastfeedingmum #bosomnectar #normalizebreastfeeding #sgnormalizebreastfeeding #themagicalworldofbreastfeeding

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The 3 different collections feature shots from a series of settings, with the first being termed:

“The Magical World of Breastfeeding: Into the Woods”

The beautiful shots seek to portray the bond between three different mothers and their babies.

The next series of shots empowers women in the workplace, read on to check them out!

Breastfeeding Becoming a Mum