Singapore parents hit by truck while going to visit critically ill baby in hospital

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Singapore parents hit by truck, "I was dragged for 5 m to 10 m after the impact. I was in pain after being hit and became semi-unconscious."

Daddy Jason Ho and his wife were going to National University Hospital (NUH) to visit their critically ill baby. The little one had been admitted there for the past 2 months due to heart failure. 

Things however, went from bad to worse for this family, when they got hit by a truck. The parents ended up in hospital with injuries.

Singapore parents hit by truck

According to Stomp, the incident happened at West Coast Highway on Jan 28, at around 3.10 pm. Daddy Jason Ho has shared about it on Facebook, together with video footage.

He writes, "I was dragged for 5 m to 10 m after the impact."

"I was in pain after being hit and became semi-unconscious. It all became clearer to me only when I was in the hospital."

The couple's youngest daughter who is only 20 months old had been admitted at NUH for the past 2 months. Doctors have not given the parents any hope.

Jason tells Stomp, "Actually, doctors have asked us to prepare for the worst. She may need to stay [in the hospital] until she leaves us."

The accident has only complicated things for this family. 

Jason suffered injuries to his neck, spine, neck and left hand and had to be hospitalised for 4 days. He was also given 13 days of medical leave.

His wife injured her back and was given 3 days of medical leave.

The truck driver has not admitted to his mistake yet, and Jason is now worried that he will have to pay for the damages too.

He tells Stomp, "I don't get it as I was just driving in my lane when I got hit by the truck driver, and now I have to pay for the damages."

"So I really need passers-by who witnessed the accident to provide their videos and help me."

Here's hoping that things get better for this family soon.

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(Source: Stomp)

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