What Singapore mums are saying to “A day off for a maid should be 24 hours”!

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Should day off for a maid in Singapore be a full, no holds barred 24 hours? Check out what these Singapore mums are saying!

So, we recently came across this post on Facebook by Jolovan Wham, social worker at Community Action Network-CAN Singapore. This is what it says, “A day off for a domestic worker should be 24 hours. She should be able to do what she wants, including leave the house at midnight, and come back by midnight the following day…Too many are leaving the house at 9am and coming back by 6pm or even earlier. And they still have to do chores when they return! This is time off, not day off…”

He goes on, “Also, what a domestic worker does on her day off…dance in a club, have sex with her boyfriend OR girlfriend, or chain smoke, isn’t really anyone’s business.”

We decided to ask a few Singapore mums on what they felt about this post. Check out the conversation we had. Also, don’t forget to add in your opinion in our poll below!

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