Singapore-inspired cushions that must make their way into your home

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These cushions will definitely be the most talked about furniture in your home!

Looking for a way to add a dose of nostalgia into your home? Getting bored of those ordinary square cushions on your sofa? Well, you’re in luck! Meykrs is a local company that’s responsible for creating these adorable cushions that’s bound to make the inner Singaporean in you go ‘eh! So cute!’

Here are 6 cushions that will make your home

#1 Ang Ku Kueh, $29.90

Image credits: Meykrs Store

Instead of eating these delectable snacks, you can now hug them! It’s every Ang Ku Kueh lover’s dream come true! Though the actual snack comes in various colours like purple, red and white, yellow and black, these adorable cushions only come in red. Still, these cushions will have your guests laughing and wondering where on earth does one get an Ang Ku Kueh cushion.


#2 Gem Biscuits, $29.90

Image credits: Meykrs Store

Ah, remember these childhood snacks? I don’t know about you, but I would only eat the icing and try to sneak the biscuits back into the packet (I wasn’t a very smart child), only to get scolded once my parents found out. These cushions (fortunately) do not separate that way, and you can enjoy a good ol’ cuddling session with these nostalgic snacks that is sure to have your kids wondering, “Why is mummy hugging a biscuit?”

They come in a variety of colours such as pink, yellow, green, white and blue! Just like the snacks itself!


#3 Durian, $29.90

Image credits: Meykrs Store

The King of Fruits can now be the King of your sofa! Don’t worry, these definitely do not stink as much as the real fruit. Though it will add a sense of humour into your home. I mean, what better way to make a home truly Singaporean than to have a durian cushion sitting in your living room?


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