Singapore confirms first reported case of pregnant woman with Zika

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As the outbreak surges to new areas which are namely Bedok North, Punggol Way and Joo Seng, the number of local cases has jumped to 115

A pregnant woman who was living at Aljunied Crescent-Sims Drive is Singapore's first confirmed case with Zika.

It was reported that the woman was living with someone who was tested positive for Zika.

The ministry has allegedly declined to elaborate on their relationship.

They added that she was sent to the KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital for reviews and her baby will be monitored closely by her doctor.

As the outbreak surges to new areas which are namely Bedok North, Punggol Way and Joo Seng, the number of local cases has jumped to 115.

The Ministry  of Health (MOH) has stated that some of these cases are actually of those from the previous episode, which were at that time not confirmed as Zika.

22 are from the Aljunied Crescent-Sims Drive and Kallang Way-Paya Lebar areas. One patient lives on Joo Seng Road and one lives on Punggol Way.

None of the two latter cases has links to the initially affected areas.

The National Environment Agency (NEA) will be extending its intensified operations to stamp out mosquito breeding at Bedok North Avenue 3, which has over 6,000 premises.

These premises include schools and community centres, namely, Fengshan Primary School, Bethesda (Bedok Tampines) Church, and Fengshan Community Centre.

It is reported that the existing Aljunied Crescent-Sims Drive cluster now covers 7,000 premises, and the NEA has inspected 5,500 of them.


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More on Zika and its relation to pregnancy

Zika infections during pregnancy have been linked to microcephaly, where a baby is born with an abnormally small brain and skull. The MOH, however, has stated that although a mother can be tested positive for Zika, the baby can still be born without defects.

There is no evidence or scientific proof that pregnant women are more prone to the virus. But the virus can result in Microcephaly in the unborn baby's foetus.

If a pregnant woman is infected with the Zika virus in Singapore, she will be referred to maternal-foetal medicine specialist for counselling and advice.

The mum will also undergo regular ultrasounds to monitor the foetal growth and check for abnormalities. If it is necessary, the MOH will admit her to a public hospital.


Precautionary measures that you can take

#1 Take steps to prevent mosquito breeding


Don't just depend on the fumigation efforts by the town councils or the National Environment Agency (NEA). Take measures as easy as throwing collected water on buckets, flower pots, trash containers and more.


#2 Prevent mosquito bites

Apart from insect repellent, dress in long sleeves and pants.


#3 Use air-conditioning when available


Sleep under a mosquito bed net if air-conditioned or screened rooms are not available or if sleeping outdoors.


#4 Protect your baby

Cover crib, stroller, and baby carrier with mosquito netting.


Mummies, what are your thoughts on the recent outbreak? Share your thoughts with us.


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