These pictures of Singapore celebrity kids’ siblings will make you go “Awww”!

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Check out these pictures of Singapore celebrity kids cosying up with their siblings. Cute Alert on HIGH here!

Time for your daily dose of Vitamin Cute!

These Singapore celebrity kids are cute, period. But they also look super adorable when cosying up with their siblings.

Without further ado, here's presenting these cutie-pies at their most aww-some:

1. The Yvonne Lim kids

That's baby Alexa and bro AJ, actress Yvonne Lim's super cute kids. Both of them look rather content in each other's company, no? Also, Look. At. Those. Cheeks.

2. Andie Chen's cuties

Ok, here we go, "Awww...!" That's a super tender moment between Aden and Avery, actor Andie Chen's reasons for joy.

3. Aarika Lee's munchkins

Didn't we warn you that it would get majorly cute in here? Entrepreneur and artist Aarika Lee's kids Zola Mae and Ari Jon are a joy to behold, aren't they?

4. Ben Yeo's band of boys

Actor daddy Ben Yeo's sons sure look inseparable, even wearing matching T-shirts!

5. Tjin Lee's kids

That's such a genuinely sweet bro-to-bro moment between entrepreneur Tjin Lee's kids Tyler and Jake!

6. Nurul Aini's sweethearts

"Their favourite part of every holiday", writes actress mummy Nurul Aini on Instagram. We can sense Shan Ehan and Shaista Eman's happiness right here!

7. Fiza O's angels

TV Host and Radio DJ Fiza O's kids sure look like they enjoy their snuggles. And that's a very loving big brother!

8. Anna Belle Francis's posers

Entertainer singer Anna Belle Francis's children love their matching-matching poses we would assume?

9. The Diah Mastura family

What's better than 2 cute kids? 4 cute kids, of course! Poor jokes aside, mummy blogger Diah Mastura writes on Instagram, "It's like bringing the wet market with me these days. So noisy!"

We can imagine!

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