These pictures of Singapore celebrity DADS with their kids will melt your heart!

Check out these pictures of Singapore celebrity dads with their kids! They make for a rather cool bunch, don't you think?

Gone are the days when kids used to be scared of their dads. Today’s dads are a cool bunch, aren’t they? We especially love how these Singapore celebrity dads wear their hearts on their sleeves, even allowing the little ones to terrorise them a bit.

Check out these pictures, did we hear you go “Awww” already?

1. Christopher Lee


Fann Wong and Christopher Lee’s adorable toddler, Zed Lee, constantly makes news, be it for his lavish birthday parties or for being a National Day (August 9) baby! From the looks of it, daddy Christopher Lee can’t stop doting on him either.

We have even spotted the family in matching outfits!

2. Daniel Ong


A good part of Radio DJ turned entrepreneur Daniel Ong’s Instagram feed is devoted to daughter Renee. Daniel Ong and Jaime Teo may have separated, but they seem to be a good example of what co-parenting is all about, if Renee’s happy face is any indication!

So daddy loves making breakfast for his daughter, picking her from school and even tying up her hair! “Love this brush!!!❤❤ makes Renee’s hair tangle free and tying up her hair so much easier!”, he gushes on Instagram. And check out the play area he has just put together for Renee. This, friends, is real devotion!

3. Ben Yeo


Whether its doing chores together, or just going around town in matching outfits, actor Ben Yeo sure looks like he loves playing daddy to his 2 boys. What say you?

4. Shaun Chen


Shaun Chen loves putting up pictures of his daughter Nellie these days, a far cry from the once reclusive dad who took ages to reveal his family!

And you did know that Shaun and wife are expecting baby No. 2 ?

5. Andie Chen


Looks like actor Andie Chen’s kids Aden and Avery love hanging out with him! “Next generation MMA champions…”, he jokes on Instagram. He’s even been spotted taking his little one with him to office meetings, brownie points for that!

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