Singapore celebrity babies 2017: 10 Cutie pies born this year!

Check out our awwsome list of Singapore celebrity babies 2017! Aren't they adorable?

And we have almost come to the end of 2017! Did you know that as many as 10 Singapore celebrity babies were born this year?

Without further ado, here's presenting the awwsome list of Singapore celebrity babies 2017!

1.Joanne Peh & Qi Yuwu's Baby No.2

Joanne Peh and Qi Yuwu's baby #2, who we only know as Baby Qididi, was born on April 21, after a long and arduous 16 hours of labour!

The little one apparently weighed 3.1 kg at birth.

The couple are also parents to a girl, "Baby Qi".

2. Constance Song's baby

Constance Song, star of the English TV series Tanglin, gave birth to her baby girl on May 18. It also happens to be Constance's birthday!

The actress became a mum and went through pregnancy at a relatively older age – 42.

3. Leelian Chua's baby

Love 97.2 radio DJ, Leelian Chua had a baby boy on June 5 this year. Chua had got married in late 2016, and is among the growing number of Singapore celebrity mums who gave birth in their 40s!

4. Kim Lim's baby

This news took everyone by surprise!

Singapore billionaire Peter Lim's daughter Kim Lim gave birth to a baby boy, "Kyden", in July. Not many people even knew that she was expecting a baby!

Oh, and have you seen pictures of the little one's lavish 99 days party? :)

5. Shaun Chen's Baby No. 2

Shaun Chen and wife Celine Chin welcomed their Baby No. 2,on July 25. The delivery was smooth and natural, and the baby girl, "Neia", came out weighing 3.65 kg and measuring 54 cm in length. 

They also have an older daughter, "Nellie".

6. Jamie Yeo's Baby No. 2

Jamie Yeo and Rupert's baby No. 2 arrived on 29 August, a little early at 35 weeks, but healthy and at a respectable 2.35 kg.

The little man's name is Luke. Luke is half-brother to Jamie’s daughter Alysia, from her previous marriage to Thorston Nolte. 

7. Melody Chen & Randall Tan's Twins

We got to know of them much later, but Melody Chen and Randall Tan's twins had made their entry around mid-September!

The twins, "Reuben and Maegan", were born premature (at just 27 weeks!) through emergency C-Section.

8. Tay Kewei & Alfred Sim's baby

Local singers Tay Kewei and Alfred Sim welcomed their baby boy on September 27. The little one has been named Shen Mo and he weighed 3.27 kg at birth.

And did you read our interview with new mum Tay Kewei?

9. George Young & Janet Hsieh's baby

George Young and Janet Hsieh welcomed their baby boy on October 11. Mummy Janet was in labour for close to 38 hours to deliver Baby Egan, who weighed 3.65 kg at birth.

Janet Hsieh regularly shares her breastfeeding and other motherhood struggles on social media.