Want a happy family? Read this article for simple steps to nurture happiness...

Want a happy family? Read this article for simple steps to nurture happiness...

Ingredients for nurturing a happy family: time, patience and proper planning. Above all, you need a positive approach towards life. You can make your family beam with happiness only when you are happy with yourself. Here are some simple steps for nurturing a happy family.

Want a happy family? Read this article for simple steps to nurture happiness...

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Given the fast pace of life, the tensions and stress related to work and career, we often don’t get to spend as much time as we would like with our family. Moreover, the little time that we do get to spend with them is often marred by angry words and petty quarrels.

Create happy moments

In the good old days, when life was simple, it was easy to spend more time with your family and be happy. However, given the competitive world that we live in today, we often have to spend time at our work desks, which in turn translates into less time for your family.

Under these circumstances, it becomes very important to ensure that the time you get to spend with your family is well spent and can be remembered as happy moments.

Simple steps

Nurturing a happy family is no longer something that you can take for granted. Rather, it is something that you have to work for. There are certain simple steps, which can lead to a more joyous time with the family.

1. Be grateful. The first step towards ensuring a happy family is to be grateful for what you. It is important, especially to teach youngsters and children, the meaning and importance of gratitude, if you want them to grow up as balanced individuals.

Life often throws situations at us that are not worth being grateful for but even when faced with such situations, it is important to be happy and grateful about the good things in your life. Positive attitude will help you nurture a happy family.

2. Be completely satisfied with what you have and all the choices you have made. This is important because unless you have made peace with yourself and are happy from within, it is impossible to create a feeling of happiness in your family.

Accepting yourself the way you are will also help you accept other members of the family the way they are. It is important to understand that no two people can be the same or think alike. If you want a happy family, it is important that you accept individuals as they come, despite all their faults and shortcomings.

3. Make life special for your family and this can be done by doing something nice for the family members, something that the others will appreciate and like.

Being there for a family member during his or her difficult situations in life will actually help demonstrate love between the members and help them bond better. Spending quality time with family members will not only strengthen the bonding but will also go a long way in creating a happy family.

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4. Focus only on the real problems and concerns of the family instead of moaning over small and petty issues. The trick here is to change the course of thinking from petty issues to bigger ones, possibly brighter ones so that the family members are aware of the positive side of things.

However, when in real trouble, identifying the root cause of the problem and solving that will help resolve issues within a family.

5. Be an active member of the family and not a passive one. In other words, if there is something wrong in your relationship, actively seek to resolve it instead of waiting for the other party to do something about it.

Taking initiatives will help resolve things faster and will also instill a feeling of goodwill amongst the family members.


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Vania Tan

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