10 simple hacks to protect yourself when shopping online

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Know how to shield yourself from identity theft and have a worry-free online shopping experience!

Going online is fast becoming the shopping method of choice for many busy mums.

And, sharing personal information online is inescapable. The important thing is knowing how to protect yourself.

We hear about cases of identity theft all the time and we never think it will happen to us—until it does.

Here are ten simple tricks to make sure you safeguard your identity and have a worry-free online shopping experience!

Trust your instincts

Often, your gut tells you if a shop doesn’t seem legit. Don’t be tricked by good deals.

Your first impression of a site’s appearance should already give you a clue that it’s not exactly reliable: a weird address and strange pop-ups are prime examples.

If you have a bad feeling about the site or if it’s asking too much personal information, get out before you check out.

Take extra care if you’re on a mobile device

photo: Pexels

photo: Pexels

Nowadays, smartphones are pretty much our go-to computers—more people are on their phones than on desktops or laptops.

But smartphones aren’t always equipped with the same level of anti-virus protection as your computer; this makes it easier for cyber-criminals to use malware to steal your information.

Shortened URLs, which are more phone-friendly, could also be used to lure you into risky sites that aren’t secure.

There’s also a high risk of your phone being stolen so make sure it’s password protected at all times.

Update your browser

This may seem simple enough but it works wonders. With each new version, your browser gets a boost in security features.

Older browsers have been studied by hackers thoroughly and they have found holes and faults through which they can easily steal information.

Updating your operating system and anti-virus can also help keep identity thieves away.

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