Shocking! Little boy’s circumcision leads to amputation

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A routine circumcision operation on a little boy tragically turned into an amputation as the tip of the boy's penis was accidentally cut off.

A routine circumcision for a 10-year-old boy from Malaysia went horribly wrong as the head of his penis was accidentally severed during the procedure.

The doctor accidentally cut off the boy’s penis

The doctor was using a laser scalpel to perform the operation, and soon after, the doctor informed the boy’s father that he had accidentally cut off the head of the boy’s penis.

Upon hearing what happened, the boy’s parents immediately rushed him to Kuala Lumpur Hospital in order to reattach his penis. The boy’s father then filed a complaint against the doctor who performed the circumcision on his son.

The clinic wasn’t registered with the health ministry

Upon further investigation, the doctor who conducted the surgery has 21 years of experience, and was a graduate of the University of Karachi in Pakistan.

However, it was also found out that the clinic that the doctor was operating wasn’t registered with the health ministry.

The doctor likewise filed his own complaint, citing that what happened to the boy was an accident.

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