Absurd! KLM offers SGD$15 as compensation for destroyed luggage

Absurd! KLM offers SGD$15 as compensation for destroyed luggage

If you haven’t heard, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is under fire for poor service recovery. Let us bring you up to date with a quick recap to the situation.

On 5th October, Facebook user Xiang Ying posted a complaint on the KLM Facebook page. Within her post, she took us through the sequence of events. She explains how she arrived at her destination to find that her luggage had been badly damaged.

Xiang explains that she was then promised either a replacement or compensation for the damage, which KLM failed to deliver. She was then left in silence till a week later when KLM finally contacted her. At which point, they asked for the smashed up luggage for a ‘thorough investigation’.

Naturally, Xiang no longer had the damaged piece of luggage. She points this out and had several other Facebook users back her point up.  

KLM Customer Care's "goodwill" gesture

At this point, KLM Customer Care concludes that they wish to provide her with SGD$15 as a gesture of ‘goodwill’ and that they ‘hope that this gesture of goodwill helps with restoring your confidence in our airline’.

Xiang’s Facebook post has since captured the attention of many users, as well as, several news sites and online publications.

KLM luggage


The issue has since escalated rather drastically. KLM recently celebrated 97 years of flying - however, as you can imagine netizens were far from congratulatory. Instead, the airline was accused of trying to cover up the issue.

The written abuse continued with every post made by KLM, Facebook users making it almost impossible for the issue to be forgotten.

KLM luggage

KLM luggage


We really can’t blame netizens for the amount of sarcasm and snark - as you can see the luggage was very badly damaged. No one wants to be on the receiving end of a situation like this one.  

Users are even sharing their experiences with other airlines and the compensation they received when faced with similar problems.

More than anything, we think KLM needs to address the problem. Customer care and service recovery go a long way, especially from a reputable brand or an airline celebrating 97 years in operation. Your customers have the ability to make or break your success, they are after all the foundation of the business.

 If you find yourself in a similar 'KLM luggage' situation...

#1. Pack an extra duffle bag

 An extra soft, foldable bag can and will be your lifesaver if you find yourself in a situation where your luggage is badly damaged. While it may take some space, having a spare bag in hand means that you’ll be able to keep all of yours and baby’s belongings safe. You’ll be able to transport all of your items safely and conveniently, without fumbling to hold onto individual articles.

#2. Save some space

 Leave yourself a little space in each of your other bags. This way, in case of an emergency, you can always repack and rearrange. You will once again, have saved yourself from needing to fumble around with every little article of clothing - be it yours or the kids’.

#3. Get travel insurance

 Travel insurance could prevent you from needing to go through the long and dreary process of negotiating with the airline. Most travel insurance plans will cover the cost of replacing the essentials items that would have been lost or damaged along with your luggage, as well as a new bag to bring it all home.  

You can view Xiang’s original post here. Let us know what you think and what you would do if you faced a similar problem or if you have any other tips on how to deal with a damaged piece of luggage!


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Sonia Pasupathy

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