Shaun Chen Reveals How He Had A 10-day Holiday Without His Kids

Shaun Chen Reveals How He Had A 10-day Holiday Without His Kids

Is Baby No. 3 in the offing for actor Shaun Chen? Read this, and why he thinks abandoning the kids once in a while is a good idea!

So, Shaun Chen and his wife Celine Chin had a rather memorable end to 2017. They went on their second honeymoon to Hokkaido! 🙂

Yup, they managed to have a 10-day holiday without the kids, and Shaun thinks it would be a good idea to ‘abandon the kids’ once a year at least! 😉

Shaun Chen on his second honeymoon

Revealing why the trip was so special to the couple, Shaun told Toggle, “I think travelling is something really important in everyone’s lives.”

“It doesn’t matter where you go, but what’s important is that you’re able to relax. Work takes up so much of our time and gives us so much stress…”

“For my wife, she has to handle everything that happens at home, so for us to be able to go on holiday to let loose is great.”

Shaun Chen


Shaun Chen and Celine Chin are proud parents of 2 girls – Nellie, 2, and Neia, 6 months. The little ones were in their granny and maid’s care while the couple were away.

Mummy and daddy made sure to video call and check on the kids every day though.

It helped that the kids get along well with their grandmother, “Thankfully, my girls are quite ‘sticky’ to their grandmother. Nellie would sometimes ask her, “Where’s mama? Where’s papa?””

“Once my mother-in-law said that we’ll be back soon, she’d just accept it and move on,” said Shaun.

Ideally, he hopes that they would be able to have more such holidays, until the girls are older at least, just so the parents can relax and enjoy the sights.

Is Baby No. 3 in the offing?

Meanwhile, little princess Nellie is apparently not happy that her little-r sister Neia is hogging all the attention now.

Shaun Chen


Daddy Shaun tells Toggle, “Sometimes she’ll get angry when she sees us carrying her sister more. Then we’ll tell her that it’s because mei mei (little sister) is still young, and she can’t walk on her own, so she needs us to help her.”

“Her temper still isn’t great though, when she gets upset she might throw stuff around, but it’s good that she’s doing that, because that means we have a chance to correct her and teach her what’s right and wrong.”

Surprisingly, Shaun has a rather unique perspective on childhood tantrums and bad temper. He thinks that it’s better for kids to rebel when young, than to act all obedient.

He explains why, “If they’re too well-behaved from a young age, I’ll actually be a bit more concerned. If they’re too obedient, there won’t be any chance for us to correct them.”

“When they grow up, they might start rebelling then and we won’t have as many chances to teach them properly – all these values have to be instilled from a young age.”

Hmmm…some food for thought there, mums and dads?

And finally, the question we have all been waiting for. Any plans for Baby No. 3?

Shaun gives a rather neutral answer, “It’s too early to talk about that – do you know how tiring it is to look after two children?”

“I think we’ll have to wait about two years, when the girls grow up a little more, before we can talk about that.”

“We’ll let nature take its course, but having one more two years later would be the perfect time frame.”

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(Source: Toggle)

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