A mother's great love - Mum protects children from runaway van

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Read more to find out how a mother is crushed to death after diving in front of a runaway van to save her three children.

Read more to find out how a mother dives in front of a van to save her children

According to the Daily Mail, a mother of four was crushed to death by a van in a freak accident while trying to protect her three children.

Shabana Ahmed, 46, is said to have been walking her children back home from school on a Friday afternoon, when a van’s handbrake allegedly failed and rolled down hill in their direction. Mrs. Ahmed took on the full impact from the collision while trying to shield her children from the runaway van in front of Madina Academy in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. She is said to have died from suffering severe internal injuries.

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Mrs. Ahmed was pronounced dead at the scene. All three of her children made it out alive. Kiran, her older daughter, suffered serious injuries, while the other two sisters, Mariam and Maria escaped uninjured, but hurt. She also has another daughter in her 20s, who was not involved in the accident.

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Read more to see how a mother died while protecting her children

According to the Daily Mail, Mrs. Ahmed was hit by a Ford Transit Connect van owned by an electrician, which was parked on a steep roadside facing uphill – and it rolled 30 yards backwards hitting Mrs. Ahmed. It is said that she was picking up her children from Eastborough Junior Infant and Nursery School, when she dived in front of the van taking full force of the blow herself.

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It is believed that she lived very close to the academy where the accident took place. A few neighbours and the builders working on the house next door to hers heard the collision, and ran to help her out from under the van. The builders miraculously were able remove the heavy van, but were not able to save her life. The youngest daughter clung to one of the builder’s arms for a few hours after the incident took place due to shock and fear.

Several people have left flowers, cards, and written prayers at the spot where Mrs. Ahmed took her last breath. One note reads, “Thoughts + prayers go out to the family. Such a sad and tragic loss of a wonderful neighbour and mother.”

Flowers at accident site

Neighbours, family friends, and relatives are still in shock from the sudden incident that took place. It is said that they remember her as a great woman and mother.

This tragic news really conveys how pure and genuine a mother’s love is for her children. Share your thoughts as a mother on this story.

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