Dear Mr Lee…you would have been so proud

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In this heart-warming letter to the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, a Singaporean shares her pride and joy and pride with Singapore's founding father by writing to him about how much he was missed this SG50 Jubilee year.

Dear Mr Lee,

As Singapore turns 50 this year, we are missing something.

Yes, that is your gracious presence, Mr Lee. Your absence during SG50 — on our nation’s milestone birthday — is a great loss to us Singaporeans.

There were many praiseworthy things that happened after you left, Sir, but there are some key events that I feel compelled to share with you, just to share the joy and pride, if nothing else.

1. Singapore Botanic Gardens named UNESCO World Heritage Site

SG50 Lee Kuan Yew Missed

Singapore is honoured to have Singapore Botanic Gardens as our first UNESCO World Heritage Site. Photo Credit: ST Photo

You were a nature-lover and we all know that you were the man behind the making of Singapore as a Garden City. And you loved the Botanic Gardens, didn’t you?

You would visit the Gardens at least once or twice a month in your last year with us. You spent time admiring the orchids at the National Orchid Garden, the opening of which you yourself graced in 1995. You took great pleasure in the refreshing sights and tingling smells of the plantations at the Fragrant Garden and Healing Garden.

Now, let me tell you the good news. On 4th July in Bonn, Germany, Singapore Botanic Gardens was officially designated as a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) World Heritage Site! The nation cheered when we heard this, as it is yet another accolade to our amazing country you helped build.

Mr Lee, it would have made your heart sing to see the Singapore Botanic Gardens’ Heritage Site plaque proudly announcing the achievement at the Tanglin gate.

2. Singaporean athletes break records

SG 50 Lee Kuan Yew

The opening of the Singapore Sports Hub is testament to Singapore’s commitment to making its mark in the sports arena. Photo Credit: Skyscanner

Sir, you were always supportive of the sports scene in Singapore. When Singapore hosted the 2010 Youth Olympic Games (YOG), you were there. You came to show your support when, at 86, nobody would have blamed you if you had preferred to watch the YOG from the comfort of your home.

When you graced us with your presence at the final leg of the Journey of the Youth Olympic Flame, you also endorsed your support for sports for the youths with your words:

“We support the ideals of Olympism and in the way it aims to encourage young people to take up sports and embrace and live by the values of Excellence, Friendship and Respect through the Youth Olympic Games.”

Let me share a piece of news that will make you so proud. Singapore has made history, yet again, this time in the area of sports. The Southeast Asian (SEA) Games held in our country in June saw Singapore coming in second, just after Thailand.

We may gotten the same position many years ago, in the 1975 SEA Games, but this time round, we hauled in a record-breaking 259 medals, which include an impressive 84 gold medals! We beat our own record of 164 medals when the Games were hosted in Singapore in 1993. 


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