Frustrated in bed! What can I do to make it better for us?

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Find out how to talk to your spouse about making it more fulfilling under the sheets for the both of you.

sexually frustrated

Are you sexually frustrated? Read on for tips to overcome this problem.

The greatest obstacle to a highly satisfying sex life for couples is mainly due to a lack of communication.

Although couples often have their differences over sexual wants and needs, many rarely take the time to have deep and meaningful conversations about them. After all,any discussion that revolves around the sharing of insecurities, temptations, turn-ons and turn-offs can be rather daunting and difficult to broach.

Undoubtedly, it is important that you spend some time planning when and how you should initiate such a conversation.

Here are some tips for you to consider:

Select the right time and place

sexually frustrated

Pick the right time to talk to your partner why you feel sexually frustrated.

A good time to have this conversation is when both you and your spouse are well-rested or are at least in a relaxed mood. For example, pick a leisurely evening or weekend afternoon to initiate the conversation over some drinks in the living room or over a while enjoying a nice meal at home. Any other relaxed setting that is private enough would also be good.

Do not have the conversation just before, during or right after sex – or worse still, straight after a failed sexual experience in the middle of the night! You do not want the pressure of having to perform in bed weighing on your spouse’s mind.

Get yourself in the right frame of mind

sexually frustrated

Try to calm down before discussing with your spouse on why you may be feeling sexually frustrated.

Realign your thoughts to see this conversation as a way to enhance yours and your spouse’s sexual experiences with each other. Seek to understand his or her point of view and preferences as well.

Do not harbour hidden resentment. It would be disastrous to start a conversation with plenty of unresolved frustration or anger towards your spouse.

So, now that you are ready to talk, how do you conduct the actual conversation?

Find out how to initiate that talk with your spouse when you are feeling sexually frustrated.