Sexplicit guide – by the Obedient Wives Club

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Tease, tickle, titillate and thrill your husbands – the Obedient Wives Club of Malaysia has topped themselves this time by coming out with a sexplicit guide to educate muslim wives on how to make sex a mind-blowing experience. Oh, husbands are encouraged to have sex with all wives in a go!

So, the Obedient Wives Club (OWC) in Malaysia might have just published the next Kama Sutra. It is reportedly a sexplicit book for the muslim woman, educating muslim wives on how to satisfy their husbands in bed.

The controversial book titled Islamic sex, fighting Jews to return Islamic sex to the world sure is sparking all kinds of reactions. Oh yes, heads up (pun intended) — this book is extremely graphic in nature! What more, this sex guide is a convenient pocket-sized book selling for S$20.


Every husband’s dream: ménage à trios encouraged!

One very noteworthy mention from the 115-page book is that muslim husbands are encouraged to have sex with all wives simultaneously. You heard right! No need to re-read the sentence.

An exerpt from the back of the book, as translated in English, reads:

“As a spiritual leader [Asaari Muhammad, of the Al-Arqam sect], Allah has granted him the ability to have simultaneous sex with all his wives. And if the wife is spiritual, the sex is greater. They can fly anywhere for sex, it is more enjoyable and easier compared to physical sex. For that reason, Abuya was processing his wives towards the spiritual.”

In reports – to dispel myths that all Muslims believe in this — Asaari Muhammad is the polygamous leader of the outlawed Islamic Al-Arqam sect. He is more infamous than revered.

Sex is worship

Another example cited by most reports, is found on chapter eight – for those who may want to quickly flip thorugh the book—it’s on “how sex becomes worship”.

Exerpt reads: “Kemuncak cinta kita ialah celah kangkang. Tangan, kaki dan segalanya terdorong kuat untuk menuju ke situ [The peak of our love is the cleft in between. Hands, feet and everything are strongly driven there].”

What a perfect excuse for sex, like, all the time!

Mixed reactions

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