Sex for Short Men: the Many Ways for Short Men to Have Amazing Sex

Sex for Short Men: the Many Ways for Short Men to Have Amazing Sex

If you're a short man having sex with a taller woman (or a tall woman having sex with a shorter man), the height difference maybe something to worry about. But don't worry, sex for short men shouldn't be difficult.

Sex requires synchronisation. And practice. Even a good grasp of physics! But when expectations are skewed, say between a short man and a taller woman, shenanigans will happen. So what does sex for short men require?

If you’re a married couple, you could be having trouble trying to spice up your sexy times. One reason could be the non-traditional height difference between a short man and a taller woman.

Well, don’t worry — sex for short men doesn’t have to be awkward. Most of what media tells us (and what other people tell us) about sex are mostly skewed in favour of the taller-man-shorter-woman dynamic. So it isn’t fair to compare our sexual performance to the more popularised set of ideal sex practices. 

It’s really all about communication, trust, and practicality.

Sex for short men: Hot, Fun, Satisfying!

sex for short men
Avoid Acrobatic Positions

Sex positions you may have mastered when you’re in a taller-guy-shorter-girl relationship may not work in a taller-girl-shorter-guy relationship. Positions like the shoulder stand or the butter churner looks fun in theory but is actually awkward, hilarious, and even uncomfortable in practice.

You can always start with the more basic positions like missionary or spooning.

“[These positions] allow for either partner to take control during lovemaking,” said Caleb Backe, Health and Wellness Expert for Maple Holistics.

“They can also help increase penetration, allow for clitoral stimulation, and make it easier to swap and change between positions in case either of you get tired or want to swap roles.”

sex for short men

Lift her, then thrust! | Image source: Pinterest

Do you even lift, bro?

But what if the traditional positions bore you? What’s sex for short men going to be like? Can you try lifting her up?

“If you’re strong enough, you can try more extreme positions like lifting them up and holding them in place for a while,” Backe said.

“This could allow deeper penetration and give the person being lifted a sense of weightlessness for added erotic effect.”

However, men in this instance should take caution.

“Be sure you’re around furniture and flooring that’s safe,” said Backe. “Slipping could really put a damper on the mood.”

Forget vertical when you can go horizontal

Sometimes we’re more or less the same height sitting down, am I right? If being vertical is a bit of a challenge, try going horizontally. Remember, sex for short men doesn’t have to be difficult.

Take a seat. A sturdy chair can be one of the best places to have sex. Comfy couches? EVEN BETTER.

“Sitting makes it easier for either partner to perform comfortably,” Backe said. “And being comfortable is important for ensuring that either partner has more control during [sex].”

You can try positions like the X-position, the Pretzel, the Spider, and the Spork. You’re welcome.

sex for short men

Baby let’s explore

Penetrative sex isn’t everything. And with major height differences, exploring what else you can do is important.

“People tend to focus purely on penetration sex as the only way to achieve orgasm, but this is not true,” Backe said.

“There are many ways you can stimulate each other before getting into the nitty-gritty and this will help to maximize sexual stimulation for both partners as well as lengthen the experience altogether.”

So use your hands when stimulating your partner. There’s also your tongue, and a bunch of sex toys.

“Dealing with a height difference shouldn’t be seen as an obstacle,” Backe said. “But rather a creative opportunity for experimentation and added fun.”

Have fun trying these out!


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