Mums, Skip These Sex positions When You're Pregnant

Mums, Skip These Sex positions When You're Pregnant

While it's safe to have sex while your pregnant, it's best to avoid some of these positions in order to avoid any discomfort during sex.

Contrary to popular belief, having sex during your pregnancy is pretty safe, and there’s no problem if you and your husband want to get intimate. However, some sex positions can be uncomfortable, and cause problems.

Here’s a list of sex positions to skip when you’re pregnant:

During the first trimester:

Mums, Skip These Sex positions When You're Pregnant

Good news! During the first trimester, there are no restrictions when it comes to the sex positions that you and your husband can engage in during intercourse. However, things like morning sickness, as well as tiredness and fatigue can sometimes put you out of the mood.

And don’t worry about having a miscarriage, as there’s no study that proves there’s a connection between having a miscarriage and sex during the first trimester.

During the second trimester:

Sex during COVID-19

During the second trimester, your belly’s a bit larger because of your growing baby, and it might be uncomfortable to have sex in certain positions, such as the missionary position. Having sex using the missionary position during the second trimester can be uncomfortable, and it can place some pressure on the uterus, so it’s best to try other positions instead.

Generally, most sex positions during the second trimester are perfectly safe, and it’s all a matter of what position you’re most comfortable in. Some couples opt to spoon or use the side entry, while others prefer rear entry if it’s more comfortable for them.

Being on top of your husband during intercourse is also a comfortable way to have sex during the second trimester.

During the third trimester:

Mums, Skip These Sex positions When You're Pregnant

Be best friends with your spouse by reflecting on the times you have felt closest to him/her.

In the third trimester, the positions you should avoid would be anything that causes pressure on your belly. Some women find deep penetration uncomfortable, so they try to avoid those positions.

Safe sex positions during the third trimester are similar to the second trimester, and spooning, rear entry, and woman on top are the preferred methods of intercourse for most women during this time. Rest assured that sex during the third trimester is still totally safe, and so long as you’re not rough or place pressure on your belly, you and your husband can still enjoy sex during this time.

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