Sex in HDB void deck? This Singapore couple apparently crossed the limits of decency!

Sex in HDB void deck? This Singapore couple apparently crossed the limits of decency!

This Singapore couple were spotted having sex in HDB void deck, and needless to say, we are shocked! Are such incidents getting common?

Looks like this Singapore couple couldn’t rein in their sexual desires any more- so they decided to go full throttle – at an HDB void deck no less!

Sex in HDB void deck

So, we came across this news on Stomp – about a couple who apparently had sex in an HDB void deck, in the wee hours of the morning – and were fairly shocked. The incident, it seems, happened on 17 September, and the witness was dropping a passenger at Block 666, Yishun Avenue 4 at around 4 am.

We’d think Madam Halimah’s presidency and the enhanced security measures in the Yishun area would deter people from such hanky-panky, but not this couple (who looked like they were in their early 20s).

Anyway, the witness took videos of the incident, and sent Stomp, who have released pictures of what happened.

To quote Stomp, “In a video he sent, the man can be seen seated down as the sexual act was being performed. His female companion had taken off her top and underwear.

A second video shows the man standing up with his shirt and pants removed as the duo continued on with the lewd activity.”

We recently covered the story of a couple who had sex in a nursing room, but this just crosses the limits. Going all out like this, in full view of the public, is in our opinion, taking things too far!

We asked some Singapore mums what they thought of the incident, and what they would do if they happened to witness something like this, when their kids were around. Check out their reactions:


(Source: Stomp, Image: Screengrab Stomp)

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