Why Sex During Pregnancy is Good for You

Why Sex During Pregnancy is Good for You

Carrying a baby doesn't mean you can't get it on. Hormones wreak havoc when you're expecting, which can make intercourse during pregnancy either the first or last thing on your mind. What’s more, you and the hubby may also be reticent to ask your OB on whether it’s okay to continue marital relations while you’re carrying the baby.

The good news is women with normal pregnancies have nothing to fear from pregnancy sex. According to research, sex may even have benefits for mommies.

Take a look at some benefits of pregnancy sex.

1. Helps stop frequent peeing

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You’ve never been so leaky your entire life. Regular orgasms, thanks to intercourse during pregnancy, can help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles to prevent incontinence.

2. Better big O's

That’s right, ladies, you may have more and better orgasms during pregnancy. Since your lady bits are engorged with blood and more sensitive, you may find that reaching that climax is much easier. Quick, tell the hubby now!

3. Happy hormones for you and hubby

Why Sex During Pregnancy is Good for You

Pregnancy is all about weird hormonal imbalances. Orgasms, thanks to intercourse during pregnancy, trigger the release of oxytocin, which is the chemical responsible for making you feel happy, content, and loved. This can reduce stress for you and your hubby as he gets his own oxytocin high during orgasm, though to a much lesser degree than yours.

3. Prevents the dreaded preeclampsia

When a pregnant woman’s blood pressure spikes suddenly and results in convulsions, she’s going into eclampsia. This can be fatal for both her and the baby.

A scientific study says that pregnant women who perform oral sex are less likely to exhibit signs of preeclampsia. Take note, ladies, this means you have to swallow.

5. Lowers blood pressure

Why Sex During Pregnancy is Good for You

Just after orgasm, your body’s blood pressure lowers so this helps mommies who are being monitored for high blood pressure. While this is just a temporary fix, intercourse during pregnancy can relieve the stress you’re feeling from the pregnancy complication.

6. Dispels pregnancy myths and misconceptions

The amount of pregnancy myths is staggering and can sometimes overwhelm and instil fear in a couple. Having sex helps you dispel these myths, such as those that say that miscarriages are caused by sex and intercourse harms the baby.

7. Helps build body image

Why Sex During Pregnancy is Good for You

Accepting your pregnancy body can be difficult, especially if you’re one of those moms who experience darkening in some areas and have other symptoms that make you feel unattractive. Seeing your husband still sexually attracted to you and engaging in intercourse during pregnancy can do wonders for accepting your changing body.

8. Preps you for the big day

While orgasm or sperm usually does not lead to labor, it does help ripen your cervix and make it easier to dilate when the big day arrives, thanks to prostaglandin (a group of compounds with different hormone-like effects such as promoting uterine contractions) that’s present in semen.

9. Gives hubby more time and attention

Why Sex During Pregnancy is Good for You

Husbands may find it hard to abstain from sex for nine whole months. This may lead to marriage problems later on. Having sex while you’re pregnant strengthens bonds and creates more intimacy with the hubby.

10. Opens up more ways to communicate

Dr. Having intercourse during pregnancy creates stronger bonds between husband and wife. This leads to better communication during the pregnancy, allowing both of you to be more supportive of each other. Try opening up about issues post-orgasm when hubby is super happy and very eager to listen to you!

11. Shortened recovery time for mommy

Why Sex During Pregnancy is Good for You

As mentioned earlier, orgasms strengthen pelvic floor muscles, which help you push when the big day arrives. For normal delivery, frequent intercourse during pregnancy can also help you recover faster since your muscles are stronger.

12. You should listen to your body

We understand that, because of our hormones and health, the thought of having intercourse during pregnancy can go either way, with you being averse or eager for it.

Whatever you’re currently feeling, listen to your body and talk to your husband about it. You both have needs; sex can help build your relationship and relieve stress during pregnancy.

How has your sex life fared during pregnancy? Share your experiences with us in the comments!

Republished with permission from theAsianparent Philippines.


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