Policemen accused of raping young girl: Self defence techniques to teach your teen

Policemen accused of raping young girl: Self defence techniques to teach your teen

They said this wasn't the first time policemen were accused of raping young women..

Parents look up to law enforcers, like policemen, to protect their children in general society. After all, it is their jobs to keep us safe from harm. Which is why it is such a disappointment when bad policemen use their post to abuse the power given to them. 

In a recent case, a policeman in the Philippines was accused of raping a drug addict's underage daughter. 

Not the first time policemen accused of rape

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What is even more enraging about this case is that a viral video shows the accused officer and the Metropolitan Manila’s police chief arguing that policemen committing rape is “nothing new” in drug cases. 

It all started when the mother and father of the 15-year-old girl were arrested for pushing drugs. However, arresting officers insisted on also bringing their daughter into the police station.

The mother said one policeman – identified as Eduardo Valencia – told their daughter that charges against her parents would be dropped if she agreed to “be used”.

The girl, who is still a minor, was propositioned by two other policemen to be taken home. But instead, they had forced the girl to drink beer, then took her to a motel where they raped her.

The girl’s relatives filed a police complaint that was escalated to Guillermo Eleazar, who leads the National Capital Region Police Office.

According to report, Eduardo Valencia was arrested following the complaint. 

Not all those who wear capes are heroes

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This just shows that not even those you think are out to protect you, can turn around to harm you. It is always good to advise your children, especially if you have teenage daughters, to be wary of strangers, even those who claim to be law enforcers. Self defense techniques for teens can be 

While there is no guarantee your children will always be kept safe, here's some advice you can give them.

Self defense techniques for teens

1. Know your rights. If your child is ever in a situation where a policeman is asking him or her to follow them, there has to be a good reason for it. If they are not committing any crimes, simply ask for the police officer's badge or identification number. 

2. Never travel alone. As much as possible, your teen should not be roaming around on their own, especially at night. If you are not able to be with them, tell them to at least have a friend around. 

3. Avoid dark and quiet spots. This should go without saying, but tell your kids not to wander into dark alleys or quiet roads. Instead, always stick to busy, well-lit streets with plenty of CCTVs monitoring the surroundings. 

4. Run away or shout for help first. In the event your child is in potential danger, tell them to scream for help or run away first. They should not engage with the potential assailant.

5. Learn some self defense techniques for teens. If for some reason, your child is backed into a corner by someone who is looking to harm them, then self-defense techniques can come in handy. No need for martial arts classes (though that might help quite a bit), but learning to kick a man where it hurts, or escaping a grip can really save their lives. 

Kids can start learning self defense techniques for teens from as young as 10 or 11 years old. 

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