Secrets to being a Super Mum!

Secrets to being a Super Mum!

theAsianparent recently interviewed Dr Lynn Chiam to find out how she juggles four kids, a full time practice and still be able to find time for romance with her husband. If she can do it, so can you. Watch the interview to find out her secrets.

Super mum secrets Learn the secrets to being a super mum!

Dr. Lynn Chiam shares her secrets on managing work and family life without neglecting one or the other. Still in her 30s, Dr Lynn is a mother to four lovely children—the oldest being 8 and the youngest is merely 3-months-old. She talks about multitasking and breastfeeding, keeping the romance alive, disciplining children and more. Watch the interview below.


Dr Lynn Chiam

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Singapore 329563

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Felicia Chin

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