12 secret thoughts when daddy finds out baby's gender!

Wonder what might go through a dad-to-be's head during the baby gender reveal? Here are 12 wacky secret thoughts we had to share!

Ultrasound scans offer amazing discoveries of the unborn child, and parents usually get all excited during the big gender reveal.

We uncover some sneaky secret thoughts in the father's minds and share them with you!

It's a BOY!

1. Yes! Someone to continue the family name!


2. Boy is good! Can save on bags lah, shoes lah, and whatnots!


3. Handsome like daddy, swee!


4. Can see if he’s as well-endowed as me a not??


5. Papa’s gonna make you a real man! I can also teach you how to geng NS! HA!


6. Does this mean I have to pay for the wedding huh?!

And when it's a girl, daddy has entirely different thoughts altogether!

It's a GIRL!

1. Omg…GSS gonna be like…


2. Yep. Convent school it is.


3. Siao liao... two females means Aunty Ruby times two in a month...


4. Not sure if I can handle two women in the same house...


5. She's my girl... my girl... my girl....


6. Wahlao...already can imagine her wedding day #feels

So, papas, tell us what went through your mind when you found about your baby's gender!