Ultimate Guide To Secondary School Open House 2020

Ultimate Guide To Secondary School Open House 2020

Schools are going online to make open houses more accessible and convenient for parents.

Time spent in secondary school is going to play a huge part in shaping your child’s personality and character, and in influencing his/her life choices.

When it comes to choosing a secondary school, discuss school choices with your child. Consider schools with the environment and cultural values that resonate with your child’s character and style of learning. Focus on schools with programs that cater best to your child’s strengths and interests.

If you and your child haven’t made a choice for your child’s secondary school, there may still be a chance for open houses to choose the best school for their kids. Due to the ongoing pandemic, schools have made available open houses through their official website so parents and their children can still check out the school’s environment and culture. To make planning easier for you and your child, we’ve provided a secondary school open house 2020 guide. 

Since secondary school is an essential part of your child’s education, parents should ensure that their child is in an environment they are comfortable and can thrive in so opportunities to join open houses are a must.

Some schools are even arranging e-Open House events and live engagement sessions for those interested so make sure not to miss them!

But before entering any secondary school open house in 2020, make sure you’re asking the right questions so you and your child can find the best place to enrol in. 

secondary school open house 2020

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Questions You Should Be Asking 

What To Ask The Staff

  • How do you allocate classes in this school?
  • What are the subject combinations offered for upper secondary classes? 
  • What makes this school different from others?
  • What are the strengths of this school?
  • Does this school offer any extracurricular opportunities for the kids? 
  • How would this school support children who have academic, social or emotional difficulties? 

What To Ask Students

  • What classes do you enjoy? Why?
  • What classes do you find difficult? Why?
  • What do you like about your teachers?
  • Do you have any favourite teachers? What do you like about them?
  • How does this school deal with bullying?

What To Ask About CCAs

  • Does my child’s participation in this sport or activity count as a CCA? 
  • Will students be selected for the school team if they try out for a new sport or activity?
secondary school open house 2020

Image Source: iStock

Tips For Choosing A Secondary School

1. Know More About Your Child’s Strengths And Learning Styles

It’s important to discuss with your child first what their strengths and preferred learning styles are so you can both choose the best school that would meet these standards. Find out what activities they enjoy and check if any of the school options offer them in their curriculum. Learning more about what environment a school has is also essential in choosing which one is the most compatible for your child. 

2. Make A Checklist In What You And Your Child Are Looking For In A Secondary School

Since every school offers different programmes and subjects, you and your child can lay out what particular things you both think are ideal for a secondary school. Listing down what you both are looking for can help you be more organized in your choices. 

3. Make Use Of The SchoolFinder Site 

For an easier decision-making session between you and your kid, you can always refer to the SchoolFinder website to list down potential school choices. You can explore various options for secondary schools and shortlist those you are interested in. Make sure you list down enough options that you find suitable for you and your child to choose from. 

5. Find Out If The Location Is Accessible

Don’t forget to check the locations of the schools you find and consider your child’s transportation options. Find out beforehand if the location is accessible and it to the list of things to review on when choosing a school. 

6. Consider Your Finances 

Financial considerations should not be missing when choosing a school for your kid especially if you’re leaning more towards an independent school. Familiarise yourself more about the school’s fee structure before finalising anything. There are also financial assistance and scholarships available for Singapore citizens that you can check out on the MOE website

Secondary School Open House 2020

Here are the available secondary school open houses for you and your child to check out and start planning!

Secondary Schools


Key Dates

Anderson Secondary School 21 November, 11-11.30am & 2-2.30pm (Live Q&A, registration required)
Ang Mo Kio Secondary School November
Anglican High School 28 November, 10-11am & 2-3pm (Live Q&A)
Bedok View Secondary School 21 November (Live Q&A, registration required)
Bowen Secondary School  
Broadrick Secondary School November
Bukit Batok Secondary School 28 November, 10am & 2pm (Webinar, registration required)
Bukit Merah Secondary School 28 November, 9am, 11am & 2pm (Live Q&A, registration required)
Bukit View Secondary School 28 November, 10-11am (Live Q&A, registration required)
Cedar Girls’ Secondary School

31 October, 9-10am & 11am-12pm (Principal’s Address)

CHIJ St. Theresa’s Convent 16 November-1 December
Clementi Town Secondary School 21 November, 10-11am (Webinar, registration required)
Commonwealth Secondary School  
Damai Secondary School  
Deyi Secondary School 27 & 28 November (Virtual Tour + Q&A, registration required)
Edgefield Secondary School 20-27 November
Evergreen Secondary School 21 November, 9-11am (Webinar, more details will be provided by the school)
Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary)  
Fuhua Secondary School 21 November, 9.30-1.30pm (Principal’s Talk, register by 16 November)
Greendale Secondary School 7 & 28 November, 10-12pm (Principal’s Talk + Live Q&A, register by 26 November)
Hillgrove Secondary School  
Hougang Secondary School 7 November, 8am, 11am & 2pm (Live Q&A)
Hua Yi Secondary School  
Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School  
Maris Stella High School (Secondary) 21 November, 9-10am; 28 November, 9-10am & 10:30-11.30am (Webinar, registration required)
Marsiling Secondary School    
Mayflower Secondary School 21 November, 9-1o.30am (Principal’s Address)
Nan Chiau High School October-December
Nan Hua High School  
Nanyang Girls’ High School May-November
Ngee Ann Secondary School 25 November, 6-7pm; 28 November, 10-11am (Live Dialogue, registration required)
North Vista Secondary School 17 November (Launch of e-Open House)

18-19 November (Science Exploration, registration closed, enquire with the school if interested)

21 November (Sharing Session, register by 18 November)

Northland Secondary School 20 November (School Leaders’ Dialogue, registration required)
Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School 27 November, 2-3.30pm; 28 November, 10-11.30am & 2-3.30pm (Principal’s Talk, registration required)
Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Secondary) 26 & 27 November, 9-10.30am (Webinar, register by 22 November)
Pei Hwa Secondary School  
Ping Yi Secondary School 20 November, 10-11am &  28 November, 11-12pm (Live Q&A, registration required)
River Valley High School (Secondary) 21 November, 9am & 11am (Webinar, registration required: 1, 2)
Riverside Secondary School 21 November, 10am & 2 December, 6pm (Principal’s Sharing, registration required)
Seng Kang Secondary School 27 November, 2pm; 28 November, 10am; 30 November, 1pm (Live Chat. registration required)
Singapore Chinese Girls’ School 28 November, 9.30am & 11am (Live Q&A, registration required)
St. Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School 21 November, 10am & 1pm (Dialogue Sessions, register by 13 November)
St. Patrick’s School 28 November, 9-10.30am & 11-12.30pm (Live Q&A, registration required)
Swiss Cottage Secondary School 21 November, 9-10am & 11am-12pm (Live Engagement)
Tanjong Katong Girls’ School 7 November, 9am, 10.30am & 12pm (E-Experience TKGS, register by 2 November)

21 November 2020, 9am & 11.30am (Live Q&A, register by 16 November)

Tanjong Katong Secondary School 28 November, 5pm (Live Engagement, registration required)
Temasek Junior College (Secondary) 28 November, 10am; 30 November, 10am (IP Admissions Talk)
Temasek Secondary School 21 November, 10am & 1pm (Webinar, register by 19 November)
Victoria School October-December
West Spring Secondary School 27 November, 9-9.45am, 10.30-11.15am & 1.30-2.15pm (Live Engagement, registration required)
Whitley Secondary School 27 November, 3-4pm & 4-5pm; 28 November, 8.30-9.30am & 10-11am (Live Q&A)
Xinmin Secondary School 7 November, 11am (Live Session, registration required)
Yio Chu Kang Secondary School  
Yishun Secondary School 27 November, 2-4pm & 28 November, 9am-12pm (Live Q&A, registration required)
Yishun Town Secondary School 21 November, 9-10.15am & 28 November, 9-10.15am (Live Q&A, registration required)
Zhenghua Secondary School 27 November, 2.30pm & 28 November, 10.30am (Principal’s Address, registration required)
Zhonghua Secondary School Webinars: 1, 2

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Ultimate Guide To Secondary School Open House 2020

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