He poisoned Singaporean school boys to satisfy his own sexual fetish

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This 22-year-old man reportedly gets sexually aroused by viewing photographs of vomit and faeces. Parents, please read how calculated this offender's strategy to target his victims was, which reminds us yet again why it's SO important to educate our young ones about Internet safety.

22-year-old Sean Chew Jun Yang has a horribly disturbing fetish. He gets sexually aroused by photos of the vomit and faeces of young boys.

Over three years, according to a Straits Times report, Chew “posed as an ex-schoolmate of young boys aged 12 to 14 and persuaded them to consume between 10 to 20 laxative pills as part of a fictitious school experiment.”

When the boys suffered from severe diarrhea and vomiting, Chew persuaded them to send him pictures of their vomit and faeces which he would then use to fulfil his own perverted sexual fantasies.

Chew — who has has made 13 young boys victims of his fetish thus far — has admitted that the videos and images made him feel “excited”.

Reports say that even though he was arrested back in 2012, he committed the same offence twice while out on bail.

Chew was arrested on Friday 13 November and sentenced to three years in jail “after admitting to eight counts of causing hurt by means of poison.”

He is out again on a $20,000 bail and reportedly wants to appeal the sentence.

He is currently studying for an engineering diploma and is in his final year.

You won’t believe how meticulously planned Chew’s strategy to target his victims was. Head to the next page to read more. 

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