Chill out with these adorable seals at Snow City Singapore, this holidays!

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Snow City has some amazing new characters that your kids will love. Don't forget to stop by their winter wonderland this humid summer!

Now that the sweltering summer is on us, are you looking for a cool adventure for your family this school holidays?

From 13th May onwards, an adorable set of seal mascots will be making their home at Snow City Singapore — the Chipsleys! This cuddly family of arctic seals is there to guide your kids through a range of exciting activities, It’s a great chance for your kids to experience a winter wonderland with that extra touch of magic..

Meet the Chipsleys

Chipsley snow sculptures at Snow City Singapore

According to their creator, Singaporean entrepreneur Benny Tay, the Chipsleys represent a family of love on a mission to find home. The loveable seals have a sad story to tell us — thanks to an avalanche in the North Pole, they lost their home.

They now travel around the world in search of their forever home, and lucky for us, they’ve chosen to settle down in sunny Singapore for a while!

What’s new

Here’s a breakdown of all the fun activities with the Chipsleys that await your kiddies at Snow City Singapore!

Interactive snow cottage — This picturesque snowy cottage on the Mezzanine floor  promises to be a hit with the kids. In the middle of sunny Singapore, your kids can still have fun playing at being Eskimos, or pretending to be Elsa in her ice castle!

Slide carved from snow — Adventurous little ones will get to explore a tunnel that offers exclusive access to the Chipsleys’ snow-carved slide.

Snow sculptures — Do youuu wanna build a snowmaaaaan? These breathtaking snow sculptures of the Chipsley characters are definitely not to be missed.

StorytellingWant to raise your kids to be eco-conscious, but not sure how to teach them abstract concepts like climate change? The Chipsleys will share the sad story of how their cosy home collapsed due to melting snow caps caused by global warming. Your children will learn about protecting our planet in fun, inspiring ways!

Head down to the Snow Chamber on Wed, Fri, Sat, and Sun, between 1-3pm!

Colouring corner — These coloured pictures of the Chipsley family will make the perfect keepsake from your children’s winter experience.

Meet and Greet — Meet the four cuddly seals from the Chipsley family: dad Chipsley, mum Khippy, son Dappy, and baby Pinko! You’ll also get to enjoy a dance showdown between the Chipsleys and the Arctic Avengers.

Head down to the Snow Chamber on weekends between 2-5pm!

Do take note of these general details for admission to Snow City Singapore:


One-hour snow play sessions: $12 per child, $15 per adult for Singaporeans and PRs. $18 for foreign visitors

Two-hour snow play sessions: $18 per child, $25 per adult for Singaporeans and PRs. $23 per child, $28 per adult for foreign visitors

Bundled deals are available via SISTIC if you plan to visit more than one attraction in the Science Centre!


Admission includes complimentary use of winter jackets and boots.

Gloves, waterproof pants, and socks are also available for rental.

Opening hours

10am – 6pm daily (last admission at 5pm)

10am – 7pm on school and public holidays (last admission at 6pm)

For more information, visit

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