Win tickets to the country’s first indoor butterfly sanctuary @ Singapore Science Centre!

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Butterfly lovers unite! Here's a complete guide to Singapore's first indoor butterfly sanctuary. 3 lucky winners also stand a chance to win a set of family tickets! Read on to find out how you can win!


Live Butterfly Enclosure at Butterflies Up-Close

Calling all butterfly lovers, the Science Centre Singapore (SCS) has launched Singapore’s first indoor butterfly sanctuary; Butterflies Up-Close!

Open to public from 30 April, this exhibition is the latest addition to SCS’s life sciences offerings. It was also brought together by the partnership between SCS and Sentosa’s Butterfly and Insect Kingdom (BIK).

Upon entering the gallery, visitors will be greeted with the fascinating information on butterflies, caterpillars as well as the other insects. There are even detailed displays of the life cycle of a butterfly!



The exhibition also features a really huge and pretty art piece that is completely made up of real butterfly wings! Can you guess how many wings are there in total? Don’t worry, no butterflies were harmed in the making of this!


There are over 4000 wings in this centrepiece… all carefully positioned to create a beautiful work of art.


In addition, there are interactive exhibits and information panels that will be suitable for the little ones such as the “Caterpillar Camouflage” and “Life Cycle Video”.

Butterfly Pupating and Emergence at Butterflies Up-Close

Warning Camouflage at Butterflies Up-Close

Plus, there is also a giant caterpillar model that you can ride on.

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