Scary and long-term effects of spoiling your kids

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“Often, spoiled children are so overindulged they do not get to express themselves in ways other than through their negative behaviours,”

Everyone knows that spoiling your children is not a good thing, but few know why exactly. The reason for it is that when they’re little, only very little of the harmful effects are seen and perceived.

In a Livestrong article, Brenda Scottsdale explores the scary reality of what spoiling does to your children.


Scary and long-term effects of spoiling your kids

“Children who are spoiled can become overly dependent on their parents, which can cause them to have trouble making themselves happy as adults,” said Brenda.

In a study cited by Connie Dawson and David J. Bredehoft, it revealed that young adults who had been spoiled had a higher tendency to believe being alone makes a person unhappy, and that the source of their happiness is other people, rather than themselves.

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