SARS in Singapore: Is it back?

First it was the haze, now SARS in Singapore? Find out if SARS is back in Singapore and what the Ministry of Health has to say.

SARS in Japan

SARS in Singapore is just a rumour according to the MOH

SARS in Singapore?

Allay your fears Singaporeans, it’s bad enough dealing with the haze. Let’s save ourselves from unnecessary distress. There were rumours going around that the deadly SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) is back in Singapore. However, the Ministry of Heath has issued a statement on their Facebook page clearing up the panic:

“Rumours are spreading online about a new outbreak of SARS in Singapore. We would like to assure the public that these statements are untrue, and the article surfaced is an old article from 2003. There is no new outbreak of SARS here.”

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Why spread  rumours about SARS in Singapore?

SARS in Singapore

News rumoured to be SARS in Singapore was actually an archived article

Netizens responded to the post by the Ministry of Health about SARS in Singapore. They are relieved but enraged that such a rumour can be spread. The above image is a screen shot of the SARS in Singapore outbreak rumour that was spreading online.

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Mario Yo The contents stated this is a new case… Patient sent to TTSH where the frst outbreak patients were treated…

Jeffrey Yeo Someone pulled an article from the daily mail that was back from July 2003. Didn’t even read it properly and started posting. What an idiot.

Hadassah Chen Jeffrey: To haul someone up for this kind of posting, you need to have proof that he/she is doing it with the intent of causing public panic. If the person was just being concerned, and did not see/ notice the date of the article before circulating it, then it’ll very likely be a verbal warning.

If you look at the article that was being circulated, there is no indication on the post to show the actual date of the report. In fact, if you access the link now, it just shows today’s date since they kept it as a running calendar. This I find is rather misleading on the part of the news site.

I saw this link being circulated on a number of FB profiles, but couldn’t find anything online regarding a statement from MOH. Hence, I sent them a PM asking them to clarify. I’m thankful that MOH responded so quickly to bust the myth. I think what we can all do is to share this MOH status & keep everyone informed. Stay calm, Singapore, and like Allan rightly said, let’s stay prepared just in case the haze returns (I really hope not!).


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Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Corona-virus (MERS)

SARS in Singapore is a rumour, but there is a new kind of respiratory syndrome feared to be deadlier than SARS according to researchers, it is also transmitted with ease in healthcare environments. As reported by REUTERS UK, there have been a total of 70 infected and 39 people did not survive it.

This disease has already been spread from the Gulf to Britian, Italy, France and Germany.

Based on a report by the Business Insider, symptoms displayed are fever, upper respiratory tract infection and coughing. These signs are all much like a cold or flu. Then these symptoms worsen over the next few days. Learn more about MERS by watching the video below.

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