Salary increase for polytechnic fresh graduates

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GCE O Level results are out! For those looking towards the polytechnic route, we have some good news for you. Read this article to find out more!

Salary increase for polytechnic fresh graduatesThe GCE O Level results have just been released and students and parents alike are now probably contemplating over which tertiary institution to pursue. For those leaning towards the polytechnic route, here is some good news for you. The starting pay for polytechnic graduates is on the rise.

Higher pay

According to a report published on the channelnewsasia website, a survey conducted by the 5 polytechnics in Singapore in 2012 has revealed that fresh graduates from polytechnics are earning higher starting salaries in the workforce. The Graduate Employment Survey consisted of about 10,000 participants. There was a $100 rise in the median gross monthly salary from S$1850 in 2011 to S$1950 in 2012 for those working a full-time permanent job. Polytechnic graduates who entered the workforce after finishing their National Service also saw a rise in salaries with an increase from S$2100 in 2011 to S$2253 in 2012.

Better prospects

Those considering the polytechnic route would be happy to know that a polytechnic diploma is still highly valued by employers. The employment rate for polytechnic graduates remain favourable at 91% for fresh graduates and 93.1% for graduates who just finished National Service. The engineering and health science industries saw the biggest rise in starting median salaries by S$100.

We also spoke to former polytechnic graduates who are now in the workforce to get their thoughts on how a polytechnic education has benefitted them.

Ruth Anthony, who graduated from Republic polytechnic in 2009 and is now enjoying a full-time job as a client relationship executive says, ‘My polytechnic education has taught me numerous beneficial values such as teamwork, independence and confidence. It has also honed my public speaking skills and allowed me to fulfil my co-curricular interests’.

Foo Cuitian, who graduated from Singapore Polytechnic in 2010 and is now interning at multinational company Ogilvy & Mather while on University break says, “ I think that polytechnic education has benefited me by allowing me to have greater insight on the actual working life. I personally enjoyed polytechnic education because I felt like I was learning things that were practical and useful. In comparison to a junior college education, I believe that polytechnic education develops students to be more independent in their thinking and is essentially beneficial for the real world.”

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