A safe and natural way to ease your child’s stuffy nose effectively

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No more over-the-counter drugs that are full of chemicals to relieve your child's stuffy nose...

Parents dread it when their child catches a cold, and it's not because they think it's dangerous to their child's health. It's actually more of the stress -- both for themselves and their child -- caused by this common health condition.

Perhaps the most stressful and annoying symptom of the common cold is the nasal congestion that accompanies it. We hate seeing our little ones struggling to breathe through a severe stuffy nose, especially during the night.

A stuffy nose also means loss of sleep and rest -- and we all know how crucial adequate rest is when children are sick, in order to recover faster. What's more, parents lose their sleep too as they are often awake tending to their child who has difficulty breathing due to congestion.


When your child has a blocked nose due to the common cold, the whole family is affected.

Here are the other ways in which nasal congestion can affect your child:

  • It can interfere with your child's eating
  • It may interfere with your little one's school learning during the day time due to broken rest at night
  • Long-term congestion that may cause facial pain or recurring headaches
  • Reduces the sense of smell
  • Breathing through the mouth may draw polluted air and germs directly into the lungs

In Singapore, another common health condition that causes nasal congestion is allergic rhinitis. It affects up to 50% of Singaporean children aged four to 17 years.

But unlike the symptoms of the common cold which disappear after a few days, the congestion associated with allergic rhinitis persists for as long as the allergen is present.

Looking for relief

An increasing number of Singaporean parents are looking for gentle and natural alternatives to over-the-counter medications in order to relieve nasal congestion in their kids.

While there are many 'natural' products available, a close look at their list of ingredients will reveal that they are not so natural after all. Some of these potentially harmful ingredients found in popular over-the-counter 'natural' nasal congestion remedies include camphor (may cause skin irritation), Methyl Salicylate (may cause serious allergic reactions), and petrolatum (may irritate the skin).

But is there a true all-natural solution for nasal congestion that parents can trust to use on their children?

There is! Read about the BreatheEasy Patch on the next page...

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