The Ritz-Carlton Kids Programme

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This Father's Day and school holidays, celebrate at The Ritz-Carlton — with the newly launched Ritz Kids Programme, stunning rooms and views, it's the perfect destination for the whole family to enjoy!

With Father’s Day fast approaching, as well as the school holidays, you may be struggling to find something different to do with your family in Singapore.

Well, look no further than the newly launched Ritz-Carlton Kids Programme at The Ritz-Carlton for this year’s celebrations and holidays! The programme has been launched in 84 hotels across the world, from Hawaii and Kazakhstan, to right here in Singapore.

Ritz Kids works in partnership with Jean-Michel Cousteau’s non-profit organisation, Ocean Futures Society, to inspire children to learn more about the world around them.

“We are very excited to continue our highly successful relationship with a unique individual whose entire life has been dedicated to preservation of the environment.”
– Herve Humler, President and COO of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

ritz-carlton kids programme

“These experiences will be remembered long after their stay.” – Jean-Michel Cousteau

The Ritz-Carlton Kids Programme – “Ritz Kids”

Ritz Kids engages children’s imaginations and encourages their innate desire to discover new things and seek adventure. The refined luxury experience is something that no other hotel has ever offered before.

The programme itself was exclusively designed for The Ritz-Carlton and is specifically aimed at the hotel’s younger guests, aged 4-12 years.

The Ritz-Carlton Kids programme is based on 4 pillars:

Water: Emphasising the importance of sea life and health.
Land: Encouraging exploration and discovery.
Environmental Responsibility: Promoting the environmental health of our planet for the future.
Culture: Exposing young minds to a variety of art forms including music, history and cuisine.

ritz-carlton kids programme

Kueh Lapis – The Ritz-Carlton Kids Programme encourages children to try different foods and explore different cultures from around the world.

With an emphasis on these 4 pillars, Ritz Kids aims to inspire children to learn more about the world we live in. Through discovering different countries and their cultures, the programme hopes to spark curiosity amongst children and draw wonder from each hotel’s dynamic culture and environment.

Find out about Ritz-Carlton Kids Programmes Across the World and Father’s Day celebrations on the next page…

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