The right support for your children’s academic needs

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Achieving academic excellence can be a challenging goal for many children, resulting in many parent-child struggles. Here's how parents can support their primary school-going children in their learning journey.

Preparing for the Primary Years

Primary 1 marks the beginning of our children’s journey into formal education. While some will sail right though with minor hiccups, some will get stuck occasionally and need a push every now and then, yet others will simply struggle from the beginning.

Whether their academic journey is one of smooth sailing, or one fraught with challenges, as parents, we are always there to help support them in accordance with their needs.

Providing them with the right kind of emotional support is of course a given, but there is another more concrete way in which parents can really help provide the right academic support to their primary-school going children – identifying the right books for mastering and excelling the various subjects.

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Every child a problem solver and critical thinker

Education today aims to equip our children with 21st century competencies such as problem solving and critical thinking skills, realistic skills that are necessary to help them cope with the real working world in the future.

How do these goals translate to what our children need to go through in school? Let’s have a look at the emphasis in each of the subject areas.


When it comes to language learning, instead of only mastering grammar rules, word recognition and writing skills, the emphasis is now on the application of these language components to everyday life situations.

You will find your children exposed to tasks that aim to help them understand how language components together, with language skills are applicable in daily life.

Mathematics and Science

When learning Mathematics, the emphasis is on the problem-solving process and the ability to reason with mathematical skills acquired from the mathematics education.

For Science, increasingly, the focus is to make the learning of Science relevant. To achieve this, the use of questions and activities that are set in real world are prevalent in Science lessons. This would make Science concepts less abstract and easier to understand. It is also with the use of contextualised questions that a child’s knowledge of science and process skills can be assessed.

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What’s trending?

Increasingly, as parents try to move away from heavy reliance on tuition by becoming more involved in their children’s education, there are demands for workshops and learning materials on how to teach the various subjects that children are learning in school.

There are many learning materials out there, but what sets one apart from another?

We speak to Marshall Cavendish Education, the leading textbook and assessment publisher, to find out how to choose a good assessment book to help your children achieve the various subjects’ learning objectives.

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