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It was just one of those Saturdays when I really didn’t feel like cooking. So my family and I decided to head out to [email protected] to taste for ourselves if their food was as good as we had been told it is.

Another reason we decided to go there on that particular Saturday evening was to check out their ‘Saturday Social BBQ’, which they hold every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month.


The stage ready for the band

I’d also heard that this place is super kid-friendly. As all you parents know, when a restaurant is kid-friendly, it makes a huge difference to how enjoyable a meal out with your kids can be.

It’s not just about having a TV for the kids to stare at, or some paper for them to scribble on. It’s how a restaurant goes that extra mile to truly welcome families with kids.

I can honestly say that [email protected] is one such restaurant.


One of the many ‘games stations’ set up for the kids

The Saturday that we were there, it was all truly about the kids and families. They had a bouncy castle set up, several ‘games’ stations, as well as arts and crafts and bubble stations.


One of the arts and crafts stations that the kids really enjoyed

Their bouncy castle and games stations were set up in a very safe and secure lawn area just outside their al fresco dining area, making it possible for parents to sit back, relax and enjoy a bite to eat (and a cocktail or 2!) while their kids had a great time on the lawn.


It’s really easy to keep an eye on the kids as they have fun on the lawn, plus there were plenty of staff to watch over them too!

The ambience

It was like being at a big family party! Kids were running around everywhere and parents were totally relaxed.

People were dressed casually and were wandering in as late afternoon turned into evening.

With delicious smells from the BBQ wafting around, live music and a relaxed atmosphere, this seemed like the place to be for families with kids on a Saturday evening!


The tattoo station

The food!

We started off by ordering drinks. Since it was a fairly warm evening, we decided on a Sangria for myself and a Strawberry Basil Cooler for Hubby (of course, we tasted each other’s drinks too!).


On the left, Timbre’s Flora Sangria: White wine infused with chrysanthemum flowers, St. Germaine elderflower liqueur, and lychee liqueur. Served with chrysanthemum flowers, lychees and fresh berries — $18

On the right, Strawberry Basil Cooler: Fresh strawberries muddled with basil, lemon juice and topped with soda — $12

The Strawberry Basil Cooler was the perfect drink to bring the temperature down a bit that warm evening. Plus, how can you go wrong with strawberries and basil? Needless to say, it was delicious!

The Sangria had light, delicate notes and was infused with the subtle fragrance and taste of chrysanthemum flowers. So very refreshing and a great drink to go with our scallops starter.

We ordered our starters off [email protected]’s Tapas Menu.


Crispy Bacon Wrapped Hokkaido Scallops: Juicy scallops wrapped in crispy bacon, sun-dried tomato mash, poached asparagus, butter sauce and topped with cilantro tomato salsa — $22

This was my dish of the day and I can’t rave enough about it.

The flavours and textures were incredible. The melt-in-the-mouth texture of perfectly cooked sweet scallops contrasted beautifully with the crisp salty bacon.


The salsa had just the right amount of heat to set off the amazingly creamy sun-dried tomato mash and tender asparagus. It was all brought together beautifully by the flowery notes of the Sangria.

I loved this dish and would recommend it without a doubt to anyone who visits [email protected]


Duo of Salmon & Asparagus Roulade: Salmon mousse and smoked salmon rolled with green asparagus and topped with capers and sour cream — $17

This was another amazingly delicious dish which both my husband and I thoroughly relished.

Both visually and gastronomically pleasing, there was a wonderful play of textures and tastes in this dish of the succulent salmon, creamy mousse and delicate asparagus, all set off by tangy capers and lemon juice.


Our main meals came straight off the BBQ — piping hot and delicious!

We ordered our mains off [email protected]’s BBQ Menu.


Slow Smoked & Grilled Beef Brisket served with Potato Salad, Mesclun Salad & Mushroom Gravy — $22

The delicious food kept rolling out, and this dish was no exception.

The beef brisket was oh-so-tender. The crisp Mesclun Salad cut through the richness of the meat and the Potato Salad was a creamy delight — perfect accompaniments to the star of this dish which was, of course, the beef.

Hubby really enjoyed this one! A must-try for all you meat lovers.


Lemon & Dijon Spatchcock Spring Chicken: A whole spring chicken served with Mesclun Salad & Mushroom Gravy — $25

What I loved about this main dish was the delicacy and harmony of all its flavours.

A sliver of slightly smoky, tender chicken flavoured subtly with lemon and mustard, smeared with rich mushroom sauce and popped in the mouth along with crisp salad and creamy potatoes — you’ll be in gastronomical heaven for sure when you try this!

Another big thumbs-up!


Battered Fish & Chips served with Homemade Aioli Sauce and Chopped Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette — $10

This dish has great value for money. My son really enjoyed these crispy strips of fish along with the chips and aioli.

Also, just because it was a kid’s dish, it didn’t mean that the presentation was compromised. I would happily eat this dish as a main myself!


Mantou Burger with freshly made beef patties, topped with streaky bacon, tomato and melted cheddar cheese sauce — $14

Another delicious item off the kid’s menu… and it looked and tasted sophisticated enough to be featured on the regular menu too!

But even though this dish looks so elegant, the flavours were just right for a kid — juicy beef, cheesy sauce and enough veggies to make it a really healthy option too!

I loved that they had substituted regular burger buns with mantou — a true Singaporean touch!


Crème Brulee — $10

We finished our meal with this sweet treat. The custard was creamy but a little dense, and could have benefitted from a boost of vanilla.

The caramelised sugar topping was glass-like and sweet and cracked in a most satisfying way when tapped with a spoon.

The taste was set off nicely by the fresh tangy flavours of the berries. It was a great end to a great meal!

Is it kid-friendly?

I don’t think a restaurant can get more kid-friendly than [email protected] when it has its Saturday Social BBQ!

From the range of free activities and amazing kids’ menu to the colourful plastic cutlery and crockery and high chairs — it all adds up to make both parents and their kids very comfortable and happy!


The live band was also really good and featured an amazing lass from Timbre Music Academy.


My son totally mesmerized by this talented young lady!

Location, contact info, business hours

Find [email protected] tucked away in the Gillman Barracks at:

9A Lock Road

Gillman Barracks

Singapore 108926

Phone number: 


Saturday Social BBQ schedule:

Every first and third Saturday of the month.

From 4pm till late.

Check out their Facebook page for more information!

Regular opening hours: 

Monday to Thursday: 5pm-11pm
Friday & Saturday: 5pm-1am

And guess what? I managed to get hold of [email protected]’s very yummy, and very quick and easy-to-follow Butter Beer recipe for all of you mum and dads with young Harry Potter enthusiasts! Enjoy!


“Why don’t we go and have a butterbeer in the Three Broomsticks, it’s a bit cold, isn’t it?” – Hermione Granger inviting Harry potter to the Three Broomsticks Inn

All you need to do is fill 3/4 of a glass with root beer and top it off with caramel cream sauce!

How to make caramel cream sauce: Whisk together 60ml fresh cream and 50ml caramel sauce.

Do head down to [email protected]’s next Saturday Social BBQ with your family. Your entire family is sure to have a great time! And don’t forget to come back here to tell us what you think of it by leaving a comment below!

*Prices of food featured in this review correct at the time of publishing.