Recipe for homemade peanut butter

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Think it's impossible to make your own peanut butter? Well, not really! Check out this amazing recipe shared by Mummy Low Lai Kuan of

homemade peanut butter

Check out the step-by-step instructions for homemade peanut butter!


2 cups raw peanuts (Add an extra 1/2 cup if making chunky peanut butter – see note 1)

2-2.5 tablespoons peanut oil or any vegetable oil

3-4 tablespoons raw sugar, brown sugar or honey

1/2 teaspoon salt (You may use any amount or omit this altogether according to your personal preference)


1. Rinse peanuts under running water. Pat dry with kitchen towel and leave to air dry.

2. Preheat oven at 170°C.

3. Spread the raw peanuts in a single layer on a shallow baking tray and roast them for 25-30 minutes. The roasting time varies depending on the size of the peanuts. Shaking the pan and stirring the peanuts every 10 minutes helps to ensure that they are roasted evenly. When the skin turns dark brown, the peanuts appear to be slightly golden brown and smell fragrant, you can remove them from the oven. Give it a test taste to check. Do not overcook the peanuts as they will continue to cook and turn crunchy after cooling down.

4. After the peanuts have cooled completely, remove the skins.

5. Place 2 cups of peanuts into a blender or food processor and grind. During the blending process, the peanut texture will turn from being coarse to fine, and finally it becomes sticky. You will need to stop once in a while to scrap down the side.

6. Stir in sugar, salt and oil. (Note: If you are using raw sugar, add them together with the peanuts at step 5 to ensure that they are fully dissolved.) Continue to process until it becomes smooth and creamy or the consistency you desire. Taste the peanut butter and adjust the amount of seasoning to your liking.

7. Pour it into a jar and store in the fridge. It will be good for 2 weeks.

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