10 Reasons why every woman needs a husband like Justin Trudeau

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The Canadian Prime Minister is such an ideal husband that it's almost hard to believe. So, here's proof! (You're welcome)

At the risk of going overboard with gushing over Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, we’ve put together this list.

And we don’t think we really need to talk many women into believing that Justin isn’t only a great leader, but a great husband as well.

Just in case you’re still skeptical, here are 10 reasons why Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau is one lucky gal.

1. Justin is able to laugh at himself

(as proven in his campaign ads)

2. He is a proud feminist



3. He has the cutest party trick ever

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4. He has the moves


5. He is a hopeless romantic

His wife, Sophie, confirms to HELLO, “We then went for dinner and on our first date, our very first date, he looked into my eyes and said, ‘I’ve been waiting for you 31 years. You’re going to be my wife. We’re going to have a family together.'”

Pretty intense. But it did the job just fine.

photo: National Post

photo: National Post

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6. He’s not ashamed to show off his playful side

photo: Independent UK

photo: Independent UK

7. He appreciates the arts but is also adept at science

Trudeau has degrees in both literature and engineering. He also worked as a teacher of French and Math.

One of his former students told the Huffington Post:

“I had him as a sub for grade eight at Kwayhquitlum Middle in 1998. I remember him singing the words to ‘Pretty Fly.’ The guys all thought he was awesome and us girls all had a mad crush on him.”

8. He’s an adorkable geek

He was present at Comic-con and is a DC Comics fan!

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9. He likes to be challenged

According to his wife, in an interview with Katie Couric, Justin is not a ‘Yes Man’. “He likes to be surrounded by people who challenge him in his views.”

10. He likes to cuddle

“We’re obviously shoulder to shoulder on this great journey,” his wife Sophie told CTV. Despite their hectic schedules, they try to keep things as normal as possible. “We will still cuddle in bed on a Saturday morning, when it’s possible.”

And we don’t really need any more proof that he’s a great dad. This photo says it all.

photo: Chatelaine

photo: Chatelaine

Top that.


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