How realising your child’s potential early on can set them up for a bright future

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It is important to give your children the right environment and tools to let them realise their potential from a young age. Brought to you by ISS International School

Parents, this is something you will definitely be able to relate to and mutually agree on - you will want to equip your child with the correct tools and environment to help him / her realise his/her potential from a young age.

As a parent, your ideal school is one that encourages your child(ren) to hone their  creativity and guide them to learn beyond what is taught in the syllabus, so that your child might be able to find their passion early on in life.

One school that encourages this and creates the environment to learn is ISS International School (ISS).

ISS International School believes that the “Early Years”, when your child is between four and six years old, are crucial for building their foundation for academic, social, critical thinking and creative skills.

Student-centric Approach, delivered by Nurturing Teachers

Teachers at ISS International School are trained to nurture and guide children on their journey and teach them to understand and connect with themselves, their neighbours and their world.

They are able to do this because class sizes are kept small, so teachers can play an active role in the care and development of children, while encouraging them to explore new concepts and discover the world around them.

Progressive Constructive Methodology

The ISS Early Years programme follows the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP) framework. The approach is a progressive constructive journey, where the child is at the centre of the learning process.

The programme revolves around three core principals where they are taught to learn and develop based on an Inquiry, Action and Reflection process, as opposed to being fed information and memory work.

This framework of self-discovery, set in a student-centred learning environment, coupled with a strong focus on second language, music, art, physical education and play, has proven to be successful in bringing up happy young students. Students leave the early years programme with a balanced combination of academic skills and creative play.

Conceptual Learning - Everything is Connected

The ISS Early Years lessons are based on Units of Inquiry where children learn how to make connections across all subjects. This method of teaching encourages conceptual learning, and making connections across multi-disciplines, allows deeper understanding in children, which in turn fosters creative and critical thinking.

A sense of international mindedness is also encouraged among students - in which they are always taught to see the perspectives of others and to be respectful of other cultures and beliefs.

“I like the at-home atmosphere and small class size in ISS, where children are identified by their names by all the staff. I think the school’s focus on empowering differences is very good,” says Kazua, ISS Parent.

ISS International School has been an IB PYP-authorised school since 2002.  The Early Years programme is open to Singaporean, Permanent Resident and non-Singaporean students. To find out more about the Early Years programme, visit or write to [email protected].

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