Malaysian man who tried to rape 3-year-old niece caught by police

Malaysian man who tried to rape 3-year-old niece caught by police

A 32-year-old man in Malaysia was arrested after attempting to rape his own niece.

A 32-year-old man in Sarawak, Malaysia was arrested by police after he allegedly tried to rape 3-year-old niece. 

According to reports, the incident happened on New Year’s day at around 8 in the evening.  

The victim’s 30-year-old mum tried to break into her brother’s locked room after hearing her daughter’s cries.

After alleged rape 3-year-old bursts out of suspect’s room

After repeatedly banging on the door, the man eventually opened it. 

A local police official reported that the young girl burst out of the room crying, telling her mother she had experienced pain and bleeding in her private parts. 

The man later confessed to the crime, saying he was “attracted” to his niece after seeing her coming out of the bathroom. This man who tried to rape 3-year-old niece should learn a good lesson that he will never forget in his lifetime.

Child sexual abuse red flags to watch out for

rape 3-year-old

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Sadly, sometimes even our most trusted relatives or friends can cause harm to our little ones. This is not to say you cannot or should not trust those close to you. But it helps to be extra careful when it comes to who we leave our children alone with. 

Here are some red flags mums and dads should be aware of:

1. A predator will go out of his way to be alone with your kid

A child abuser wants to “groom” your child. He wants to gain his or her trust.

Be suspicious of any relative who wants to take your child away from you, even if it’s just for an hour or so.

2. They will undermine your authority

They constantly question your ability as a parent or try to assert their own opinion. 

Potential abusers want to ease you out of your child’s life.

3. They buy your kid extravagant gifts

They aren’t usually lavish gift givers, but when it comes to a child they want to groom for abuse, they spare no expense. 

4. They are overly touchy and affectionate

Some relatives are just affectionate, but a predator is overly so. 

Look closely at the simple gestures of a relative you suspect. Even a stray glance that lingers for too long on your child’s private parts can be very telling.

5. They go behind your back

Even if it’s something as simple as taking your kid to the park without telling you, be careful. 

This is one way an abuser isolates your child without you realising it. 

Though these signs aren’t conclusive of abuse, it always helps to be extra careful, especially if your child is still too young to speak up.

Trust your instincts, mums and dads, because they’re almost always right. 

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