13 Questions expecting mothers have about childbirth, answered by birthing specialist

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Ask and you shall receive! These expecting mummies have their important questions answered by a leading expert!

For expecting first time mummies, the concept of birthing a child can seem a bit overwhelming–even terrifying. The main reason for this is because they don’t understand a lot about pregnancy. There may be tons of literature out there that can give these mummies a rough estimate of what to expect on the big day, but sometimes there are issues that aren’t addressed, and sometimes there are questions that go unanswered.


Recently Cosmopolitan UK sought out the help of an expert to help address these concerns and questions for these nervous and uninformed soon-to-be mums. Jane Mason, an ex-National Health Service midwife and owner of Natural Birthing Company, happily responded to 13 of these questions, and today, we’ll be relaying her expert advice.

Check out what these mums wanted to know, and what this expert had to say:

1. “Will sex feel differently after giving birth?”

“In all honesty it will — not necessarily worse — just different. Your vagina may feel a little looser initially but by doing plenty of pelvic floor exercises regularly the tone will return.

“Initially there can be some discomfort, so make sure you feel ready to try and explain this to your partner so they are aware to take things slowly. It’s a good idea to try intercourse before you have your six week check-up with your doctor so you have a chance to report any issues to them. You may experience some vaginal dryness due to your hormones, especially if breastfeeding — so get some lube ready! Lots of women report that after the initial discomfort is resolved, sex ends up feeling better than before. They are more sensitive down there and enjoy more orgasms than before, so it’s not all bad news.”

2. “Will my vagina tear at all?”

Your vagina is a large muscle that has the ability to stretch to accommodate the baby as you give birth. It tends to be more common to tear on the perineum which is the area of between your vagina and anus because this has a lot of stretching to do as the baby comes out. There is less chance of tearing if you avoid giving birth lying/sitting down, if the birth of the baby’s head is slow and controlled, and if you did perineal massages during pregnancy.

Check out what these mums wanted to know, and what this expert had to say! Click next for more!

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