Putting on weight during pregnancy

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The important thing during pregnancy is to find a balance between putting on enough weight for a healthy pregnancy and putting on more weight than you need to. There are healthy weight levels, depending on how much you weighed at the start – but going over these may put you at risk from certain health problems.

Putting on weight during pregnancyHow much pregnancy weight should I put on?

How much weight you should gain during pregnancy is a subject that even the experts argue about between themselves, but generally you can work it out best from your height, weight and body frame. Your doctor will probably take these measurements and tell you your Body Mass Index (BMI) which is a helpful guide.

It’s great to aim for a steady, gradual pregnancy weight gain but everyone has a different pattern so don’t worry if you gain more in one week and a bit less on the next – nobody is the same!

Putting on weight during pregnancy

What makes up the pregnancy weight?

No – it’s not all the water you’ll have to drink! This diagram shows just how much your baby weighs compared to the rest of their little world inside you.

Is it safe lose weight during pregnancy?

In a word – no. It’s true that being overweight may increase your risk of complications, including high blood pressure, gestational diabetes and premature birth, but it’s never wise to consider weight loss as an option during pregnancy. Sorting out your weight before you get pregnant is a good thing to do but dieting once you get pregnant could only reduce your baby’s birth weight and put them at risk. If you miss vital nutrients, you’ll be denying them a healthy and happy start in life.

What you can do is ask your doctor about a healthy, nourishing diet that includes all the food groups and essentials, whilst not piling on any extra pounds that you don’t really need.

Putting on weight during pregnancyBeing underweight during pregnancy

Being underweight can also cause problems during pregnancy so if you fall into this camp, you should also try and get up to a healthy weight before you conceive. Or, if you are already pregnant, speak to your doctor about a healthy diet that will help you achieve a healthy pregnancy weight gain.

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Putting on weight during pregnancy

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