Putting breastmilk under a microscope: An interview with the mum behind it

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theAsianparent conducts an interview with the Singaporean mum behind this viral video of breastmilk under a microscope.

Singaporean mum Rachel Lim uploaded a video of her breastmilk under a microscope on Facebook. It became a viral hit and was featured on theMirror, garnering over 20,000 hits in a few hours. Check out the video that sparked all the interest.

Recently, theAsianparent was given the opportunity to conduct an interview with Rachel Lim and got her thoughts about the whole experiment and breastmilk.

Q: What is your stance on breastmilk now and did it change?

A: I had always believed breastmilk as the most suitable/ ‘best’ form of nutrition and nourishment for human babies. Now it only affirms this further.

Q: You mentioned in your Facebook post that the idea of putting your milk under a microscope was a sudden idea. What do you think invoked such a thought?

A: We were checking out our blood cells under the microscope and I was actually keen to check out sperms since we read about how sperms move and swim, and thought it will be cool.

But it’s a little ‘troublesome’ to get some sperms so I thought, why not check out some breastmilk since I had read that breastmilk is alive, with live enzymes and (good) bacteria. It even contains food to nourish the good bacteria in the milk and in our guts.

It’s a lot faster and fuss-free to get too.

What exactly did Rachel see in the breastmilk? Find out on the next page. 

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