PSLE results 2013 released today!

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It's that time of the year again - PSLE results were released earlier today! See what ministers have to say and important points to note when dealing with your child's results - good or not so!

PSLE results 2013 released

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PSLE results were released today and we hope that all participating students gave it their best, as well as, received the results they were hoping for! We were pleased to learn that 97.5% of students who sat for the exam are eligible to move to secondary schools!

More students who sat for the exam this year, successfully made it to the Express stream, compared to last year’s numbers – 66.7% made it to the Express stream (almost a 4% increase from last year) 19.9% qualified for the Normal (Academic) and 10. 9% made it into the Normal (Technical) streams.

Unlike previous years, highest and lowest scores were not released. This was done in a bid to focus less on academic qualifications of students and shift focus more towards overall development of the child. Children shouldn’t become their PSLE scores, at such a young age they are already bombarded by the pressures that our education system imposes on them – what should matter is that they put in their best efforts!

PSLE results 2013 released

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Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong, commented on a Facebook post that, “All the best to students receiving their PSLE results tomorrow! Whatever your results, I am confident you can continue your education in a good school, with dedicated teachers who will help you achieve your best.”

He also added that these young students should focus on other successes other than just that of high academic standing.

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