3 Smart ways to protect your loved ones through life’s rollercoaster

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Because life is too full of good things to let worries take over...

Have you ever had that kind of a day when you longingly thought back to your carefree childhood days? These days were coloured by no responsibilities, no worries in the world and little care of danger.

Now that you are a parent, things are not the same. When your child was born, you were born as a parent, and along with this came a whole new sense of love… and, whether you like it or not, anxiety.

These two emotions are closely linked when it comes to your children’s health, well-being, and lifelong security. The worry may extend to your own life, health, and future. For example, many people are concerned about being affected by critical illness, or what life will be like in old age and retirement.

Yes, it’s true that along with adulthood and parenthood come a huge number of responsibilities and worries. But at the same time, you need to know that you don’t have to tackle these anxieties alone.

By planning ahead for each stage of your life — whether it’s getting married, having children, owning a home, or retirement — you can better equip yourself to tackle each challenge in the best way possible. Getting a good insurance plan is one effective way you can do this.

Here are three solid insurance plans from Etiqa, the trusted insurance arm of Maybank, that can support both you and your children throughout your lifetime, easing your worries so that you can keep smiling.


Protect your loved ones and yourself for a lifetime

1. ePROTECT lifetime

If you are worried about that illness or even death will prematurely take you away from your loved ones or affect your children’s financial future, then this policy is perfect for you and will bring about much needed peace of mind.

A valuable bonus of this plan? Much-needed security during your retirement years.

Here are the key features of ePROTECT lifetime: 

  • You will get lifetime protection with a guaranteed death benefit of up to three times the sum insured before the policy anniversary at age 65. This includes protection against death, terminal illness, and total and permanent disability.
  • On retirement (policy anniversary when you attain age 65), you get a lump sum retirement payment. You’ll continue to enjoy continuous protection even after receiving this benefit.
  • Enjoy coverage as long as you live by paying your premiums for only 15 years.

This policy also comes with the following riders that ensure even more protection:

  • eXTRA multiplier: This will boost your protections to at least five times the sum insured before the policy anniversary at age 65.
  • eXTRA secure (limited pay): With this, you’ll benefit from advance payment if you are diagnosed with any of the covered critical illnesses before the policy anniversary at age 65.
  • eXTRA secure waiver: Continue your policy without paying premiums if you are diagnosed with any of the covered critical illnesses.
  • eXTRA payer waiver: Continue your policy without paying premiums until the life insured reaches age 25, in the event of the payer’s death, diagnosis of total and permanent disability, or any of the covered critical illnesses.

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