Pros and cons of enrolling your child in preschool

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Deciding if you want to join the long waiting lists for elite preschools? Here are some pros and cons to consider before enrolling your little one into preschool!

Is pre-school beneficial to your kid?

Is pre-school beneficial to your kid?

Advantages of preschool

Preschool helps children get used to the concept of structured learning

Preschool helps children get accustomed to the idea of learning in a structured environment with rules, away from their parents.

If both parents are working, it also exposes children to a wide range of learning activities that busy parents may not be able to do with their children, like arts and craft, music and drama and storytelling.

Kids who attend preschool may also develop better behavioral skills, like learning how to listen when someone else is speaking, or how to sit still for longer periods of time.

Through preschool, children will learn that they are expected to be on the best behaviour while in a school environment.

Socialising with other children

Children who attend preschool will have a great opportunity to socialise with kids their own age. This will teach them vital social skills like consideration for others and verbal and non-verbal communication.

Kids who have social anxiety issues will benefit from being exposed to children their age, as well as adults on a regular basis. Interaction with classmates and teachers could also help build self-confidence in a young child.

Academic head start

Children will learn the basics of numbers, letters and shapes in an enriching and more importantly, low pressure environment.

If the child does not have a guardian at home who can supervise and teach him regularly, preschool will fill in the gaps to ensure the child has good exposure to the basics before kindergarten.

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