The secret to providing your child with proper nutrition

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For your child's 360° Development he needs adequate nutrition with nutrients that can be easily digested and absorbed to keep his little tummy happy. Find out how you can achieve all this here...


Your child goes through some pretty amazing developmental changes from above age six to 12 months!

From cooing and talking to crawling and walking, children go through an amazing amount of physical and developmental changes in a short time. In fact, many mums marvel at how fast their little ones grow into cheeky, confident toddlers.

In much the same way, children also have changing nutritional requirements especially during the early years of rapid growth.

Because of this, it is important to support your child’s well-rounded development with proper nutrition. 

It is equally important to keep his delicate tummy happy with nutrients he can digest, such as partially hydrolyzed proteins and low lactose.

On the next page, find out why both 360° Development and giving your child nutrients that are easy to absorb and digest are equally important in keeping your little one (and his tummy!) happy.