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The Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow
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⭐️ AWARD WINNING - Reviewed by OB/GYN's & Chiropractors. Won awards from Baby Maternity Magazine, Mom's Choice and the New York Baby Show. Other pregnancy pillow brands can't say that. ⭐️ POOL OR BED - Cozy Bump's extra thick bed allows you to feel secure as you're lying on the pillow in the pool or bed. Other prenatal brands are thin and you can feel your pregnant stomach touching the ground. ⭐️ RELIEVE LOWER BACK PAIN - The patented decline in the leg section of the pillow allows gravity to kick in and decompress your spine. Other maternity cushions don't have a decline so there is no back support. ⭐️ FITS ALL BELLYS - The adjustable bump allows you to adjust the size of the hole in sleeper to fit your tummy. If you need an even larger hole for your body, you can flip the bed over to find your comfort. ⭐️ INFLATABLE - Float and rest in the pool or ocean. Blow up the Cozy Bump easily with an air pump (sold separately) and use it alternately as a raft.
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