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Bonbijou Orbit Car Seat
Brand Name - Bonbijou
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Improving on the already widely acclaimed Revolution 360+, Bonbijou Orbit car seat is the 3rd iteration of Bonbijou's award winning series of rotating car seat. Gone are the days of struggling to put your baby into the car seat. Made with parents in mind, the Bonbijou Orbit Car Seat is the next step in our journey to create the perfect rotating car seat for the most hassle-free experience! A step up from it's predecessor, the Orbit's 360° rotation function is buttery smooth and is an absolute breeze for parents to carry their babies in and out of the car. Simply turn the car seat to face the door for easy buckling and then rotate it back to any position you desire. Do away with the frustrations from non-stop wailing because of an uncomfortable car seat. With 5 recline positions, the Bonbijou Orbit also comes thoughtfully fitted with unbelievably comfortable padding and material for ventilation not even mentioning the extra thick seat padding and head support for ultimate comfort. Comfy and sturdy for your little one from newborn all the way up to 36kg, the Bonbijou Orbit is our latest and greatest in our line of rotating car seat, book an appointment to try it out yourself!
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