4 ways to prevent eye strain in kids during exam period

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Exams are here, and all the increased reading and writing means eye strain. An expert shares 4 simple ways to prevent eye strain in kids.

It is exam time again for children in Singapore.

As a child, my mother always said, “Don’t watch so much TV, it’s really bad for your eyes!”

But today, in addition to watching TV, almost every child spends many hours on their smart phones and other electronic devices while also working on test papers, revising work sheets, and reading textbooks to get ready for the year-end examinations.

This is just too much strain for your eyes.

Eye strain in kids

Exam times mean increased eye strain in kids.

Exam-time increases eye strain

Reading and writing can cause strain on the eye in many ways. The first is a constant near working distance for our eyes.

Muscles within our eyes flex to allow focusing for near work. As with any muscle in the body, continuous flexing can create repetitive stress problems. Ever have blurred vision when looking at a distance object after staring at a screen for a long time? This may be a spasm of the muscles within the eye, causing focus to “lock”, thereby creating a temporary loss of distance vision.

This can occur in children who have done hours of reading while preparing for an examination.

Ever find that your eyes have an irritated “scratchy” feeling after a long session of reading and writing? We tend to blink less when we are doing a heavy amount of reading and writing, leading to dry eyes.

So how can you as parents help your children during the exam period when a child is doing so much more reading and writing when compared to other times of the year? Here are four tips to help your child deal with eye strain.

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