Preschool review: Red SchoolHouse (Woodlands)

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Mums and dads who live in the north of Singapore, are you looking to place your kids in childcare/infant care while you’re at work? Read on for our review of the newly-opened Red SchoolHouse at Woodlands.

red schoolhouse woodlands

The entrance of Red SchoolHouse Woodlands at the new Woodlands 11 commercial centre.

As Red SchoolHouse Woodlands is located quite close to my home, I took the opportunity to bring my 1-year-old along with me. She’s currently quite shy around strangers, so I hope that by exposing her to new places and people, she’ll slowly learn to accept things that are unfamiliar – without bawling her eyes out!

red schoolhouse woodlands

My little girl looking a little cautious of the new environment during our visit.

We were greeted by Ms Kate Ho, the Director of Red SchoolHouse Woodlands, who took us around for a tour. The place was buzzing with activity at that time, as lessons and playtime were in progress at every corner. According to Kate, Red SchoolHouse Woodlands adopts an ‘open concept’ classroom style to make learning more fun and unstructured, while providing more space for all the learning corners.

red schoolhouse woodlands

Lessons in session: Red SchoolHouse Woodlands adopts an open-concept classroom style to make learning fun for the teachers and kids.

Mrs Rachel Ding, the founder of Red SchoolHouse, was also there at Red SchoolHouse Woodlands to tell us a bit more about the programmes and upcoming plans for this centre.

About Red SchoolHouse Woodlands

red schoolhouse woodlands

This storytelling corner gave us a warm feeling the moment we stepped into the centre.

Red SchoolHouse Woodlands started operations on 7 January 2014 and has been growing steadily since then. Today, there are more than 50 kids and infants enrolled at the centre who are placed under the care of 13 staff.

When we asked Rachel the reason why Woodlands 11 was chosen as the location to set up this new centre, she told us it was mainly due to the large population of young families in the area, which called for the need for childcare and infant care services. In addition, the area around Woodlands 11 had been reported as one of ‘hot spots’ that is set to grow rapidly in the near future.

red schoolhouse woodlands

A teacher and an 8-month-old infant enjoying the feet painting activity together.

Although things have been running quite smoothly at Red SchoolHouse Woodlands since its official opening, Rachel has greater plans in place for the kids and teachers at the centre. Some of these include the extension of the infant care services and the offering of dance classes as part of the daily programme for kids.

Find out more about the specially-designed SPICE Curriculum offered at Red SchoolHouse on the next page.

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